Women going braless in 2022 – discussions, images & videos

We wanted to know why women go braless in public and how does it make them feel, so we asked.

Women going braless in 2022 – discussions, images & videos

We wanted to know why women go braless in public and how does it make them feel, so we asked.

For many women going braless is a choice, it’s a desire, and for some, it’s freedom. So we wanted to know from the woman who goes braless how they feel about it. What caused them to start going braless? So we posted an ad on Craigslist and got a few replies. Here is what they said.  

There are many pros and cons to going braless and for some it’s about freedom, women’s rights and others its a form of kink. But instead of us breaking it down we figured we would post an ad on Craigslist to ask women from all over the country to chime in on going braless.  

The stories below are from women who took a camera out with them to show us how they go shopping and what they wear when doing so.

Channary 19 - Going Braless at Michaels

braless store

I have always had a weird relationship with my chest. In elementary school, I was playing on those hanging, spinning wheels, and I slammed the right side of my chest into a pole. I begged my mom to get me a bra, wires and everything. because of the chest trauma that had been inflicted and jumpstarted my chest being sensitive, skipping over the training bra phase of my life.

I wore exclusively padded, wire bras through middle school, and well into my junior year of high school. But my junior year, my mother bought me my first pack of 2 bralettes. I decided to try them out, and I absolutely adored them.

I immediately decided to tear out all of the wires from my bras so that they would be soft and unstructured like the bralettes. To be clear, I am very small chested, 34AA to be exact; not 34A, 34AA. Which are smaller than A cups. So bralettes naturally fit better to begin with because they don’t have structure. 

My household also was a very pro-bra house, because of “decency” and other ideas similar to that. So even with tops and dresses that had thin straps, or strapless tops and dresses, there was a bra or bralette worn underneath.

No bra
Braless teen shopping

Once I moved to college, I began slowly moving towards not wearing bralettes (I got rid of all my bras and padded bras my senior year of high school) under skin-tight clothes, since they tended to produce unsightly lines under the clothes. And now, I only really wear bralettes to sleep, under sweaters, most of the time in winter, and as a top.

My mother doesn’t really notice for the most part. But she can with some tops, which she then takes the opportunity to comment on how I shouldn’t be braless. So I just try to avoid wearing anything she would be able to really tell I’m braless in when I stay with my parents.

I don’t enjoy getting looks or compliments on my chest, I just like it to exist on my body. Luckily, I haven’t had the displeasure of getting any prolonged looks or suggestive comments when I am going about my day braless, and I believe this is because I am so small chested to begin with, so there’s nothing to really draw your eyes to my chest.

Honestly, nobody in my circles really notices, and if they do, they don’t care and don’t comment. I am quite lucky to be surrounded by feminist, LGBTQ+ friendly spaces, especially in the town I live in and the college I attend. Everyone just minds their business, appreciates points of views outside their own, and loves the individual styles of everyone around them.

I currently identify as a lesbian, so naturally, the people I am attracted to have a high likelihood of being “boob enjoyers.” But I am still uncomfortable with my chest.

So I usually have to prerequisite before getting intimate with a girl that I would like to either keep my bralette or top on, or of they’d like to have it off, they can’t touch (either completely no touching or just avoiding my nipples, depending on how I’m feeling in the moment).

I haven’t had any issues so far with my boundaries surrounding my chest, so again, I am very lucky! Don’t get me wrong, I love how my boobs look, and I’m even debating saving up for a boob job to size up to a B cup!

I find wearing tops without a bra is very freeing, especially during the summer. Bras and bralettes underneath a cute top can lead to excessive sweating, which just isn’t fun, and sweat sure as hell doesn’t make me feel attractive. 

There are many perceived and proven benefits to going braless, one of the most common things being that you are able to take fuller, deeper breaths when an elastic band isn’t pressing against your ribs all day, leading to better oxygen intake! I’m a bit of a health nut, so I take every bit of advice I can if it has the slight chance of improving my life. It can’t hurt to make small improvements, especially if it end up boosting health and confidence.

Western culture is the only culture in which breasts are sexualized, so I really like taking to my pre-colonized east Asian culture and lean into seeing my chest as nothing more than a body part that is used to feed a baby when one has a child. I am working hard to desexualize my own chest, and to help desexualize the chests of those who have the same wish. 

In conclusion, I love love love being braless, and recommend it to anyone with breasts, whether you are an AA like me or a ZZZ like Annie Hawkins, going braless in public shouldn’t be perceived as a big deal, and if anyone has a problem with that, send them my way for a firm talking to. 

Jessica 23 - Going Braless at Petco

Braless at store

I stopped wearing a bra during covid, well that’s not 100% true I would go to the store in the winter time without a bra on, just a jacket so no one would know I did not have a bra on. But now, it’s my new norm.

It’s freedom, it’s fuck the price of bras, and when I started doing it, I would look to see if people would give me dirty looks or something but now I’m good with it. Yes, I get more men who look, and it’s funny how helpful they are.

For example, my roommate came with me to take these braless pictures when I was at the pet store shopping for this article.  She told me a few guys were following us around as they liked what they saw I guess.  It does not bother me at all, I know I’m making them happy and they will have something to think about for some time.  

 My breast are not large but they do bounce well and sometimes when I see the same guy more than once in the store I know he wants another look so I know this is bad but I will reach the top and kinda bounce to make my breast bounce knowing I’m blowing his mind. It’s so fun to tease these men.

No bra
Braless store

Going braless I guess for me is different than women with large breasts because it’s not as easy for them to go without a bra on.

I also know because my nipples are not that long it’s not so easy to tell. I think the biggest difference is in the fact that my breast looks like cones without a bra on. At first, this bothered me but from everything I see online and what people say, the cone breast look is very sexy so now I like to show it off.

I must say before I started going bare, I had low self-esteem because of my breast and now thats was gone. So if the guy at Pet Smart who was smiling at me reads this, I want you to know its people like you make me feel better about myself so thank you.

I would say if any women is not feeling good about themself, the sure-fire way to get the smiles, and a helping hand when you need it is to go braless. It might be hard in the beginning, but try it at night at a store when it’s not so busy.

I’ve always gone braless whenever I could get away with it, which was mostly all the time when going to the store, gas station,  fast food pickup.

Diana 51 - No Bra at Home Depot

Braless Home Depot

I started to go braless as an older teenager and did notice boys and men would look and whistle.  Mostly I would wear t-shirts and low cut tops. When you wear white bikini tops, you can see the nipples through the bikini.  At the beach or on a boat it’s really fun after you get wet in the water, then if you get cold they really show through.  When they jiggle and move, it really gets the attention of others.  I have noticed a lot of men stare and some are more bold than others to turn around to look.  

Other guys try to hide that they are looking, they don’t want to get caught.  I do notice some women give me dirty looks or have an attitude about it, especially if they have a guy with them.  Some women will look and smile.  I do love the attention and I like to see the guys staring.  I do get compliments also, but usually comment how beautiful I look.  They never really come out and say, “I like your shirt”.  It really turns me on and I don’t mind at all.  

Braless Home Depot 2
Braless Home Depot 3

I didn’t realize how excited I got until I got older, but I get excited to show off.  I like to try to get the attention of others by wearing sexy clothes and showing off with no bra.  That is the fun of it all. 

I walk into a crowded place and it’s like I own it.  Some people will stop to look.  It’s funny how some people don’t know if they should look.  I try to make it easy for them and just do my thing after I see them looking.  They can stare all they want and I’ll stretch and stick out my chest more. 

Today when I was at the store without a bra, there was a guy driving up when I was crossing the street.  He kept staring at me as he was driving by and I could tell he knew I didn’t have on a bra.  I could see the way he was staring at me and he was slowing down too.  

After he parked and came over to the store, he was looking at the plants outside while I was out there, but I could tell he just wanted to stare at me.  Then I went into the foyer where there were some grills there, so he stopped to look at the grills and I could tell he was just trying to be near me so he could keep looking.  

I was getting giggly because I was waiting for my photographer and showing off to this guy.  Then at one point, me and the photographer were walking by a clerk of the store and the clerk was staring at me as another customer was walking up to the clerk to ask for lubricant.  

I just thought that was an interesting conversation with no bra on and talking about lubricant.

Chelsea 36 - Braless at Kroger

Braless Store

The main reason I do not like to wear bras is because I don’t like the idea of someone else telling me what to do with my body. I go braless almost everywhere that I go. I’ve been doing this since I could remember. 

I was never very big-breasted until I turned nineteen, so it was easier to get away with it when I was younger. I love going braless because I really do feel like no one should tell me what to do with my breasts. 

They are mine and I think it is so wrong that women are expected to do this to be “normal”, which is a term that is not even real, it’s an idea. People give me dirty looks all the time and I’m embarrassed but I feel so good when I go braless! I feel constricted and annoyed and itchy when I wear bras out in public. 

I really like the feelings that I get from the varying temperatures, especially in grocery stores. When my nipples get hard in the freezer section I get goosebumps! Sometimes I do get turned on if someone good-looking is checking me out and I do get a lot of looks.

Mostly women give me dirty looks and I feel like some people assume I’m homeless or on drugs. I also think people with big breasts like mine also get the dirtiest of looks because it’s assumed that we don’t really take care of our bodies.

Braless shopping

Well, I take great care of my body and my big breasts are here to stay. If I am not around extended family, I always go without a bra on. Sometimes I think people look down on me for it but in my head, I’m always thinking that I’m far more free than they are. 

My sister really helped me to mentally get over the hurdle of going against the grain of societal expectations. One day, I found out that she didn’t wear underwear. So I asked why and her answer was, “I just don’t like how they feel”. Well, neither did I! So I stopped wearing underwear and bras just weren’t appealing anymore after that. 

Some will say not wearing underwear or bras is just weird and makes you “easier” than others, but I disagree. My body is there for me and others to look at, but it’s my choice whether I get touched. I have all the freedom to feel comfortable wherever I go and I love that. What I don’t love is the feelings others try to place on me for my choice. 

I was born with this body, why should I be ashamed of it? I won’t be and I tell all of my girlfriends that they shouldn’t be ashamed either. I’d like to live to see the day that this becomes more “normal”. If you feel good, you should dress according to how you feel. 

I have seen an increase in more promiscuous clothes and more and more women choosing to forego bras. They even make a ton of women’s clothing that is specifically designed to be worn without a bra. Why go against the flow? 

Braless Women We Caught In Public

Going Braless FAQ's

Can I go braless when pregnant?

Of course, you can, your breast has not fully grown for nursing yet, so you can let your breast be free until they get too heavy and you need the support.

How to go braless at work?

If you want to go braless at work, you first need to make sure it’s acceptable in the workspace or you should wear a thick shirt that will hide the fact that you don’t have a bra on.

What will happen if you never wear a bra?

Depending on your breast size, if you are an A, B, or small C cup you will be fine, but for larger breasted women, you might start to experience back pain sooner than later from not wearing a bra.

Is it ok to go braless?

It is perfectly fine to go braless, do know you might get some attention from men as they look, but besides that, there is nothing wrong with going braless.

Why go braless?

Most women would say going braless is freedom, not being restricted.  Other countries do it and there is more of a push for women by women to go braless and ditch the bra.

On the other hand, some women do it for the attention they get from men.  They see it as a turn-on.