Flat To Fem – A Guide To Breast Enlargement

How I Discovered the Secrets of Natural Breast Enlargement

Let me tell you my story:
Like you, I was born with the curse of a flat chest.

My tiny boobs were the cause of a whole lot of shame, pain, and suffering in my lifetime. From junior high on, I was relentlessly teased about my flat chest. My self- esteem was so low, I hardly had any friends – much less a boyfriend. It was a miracle that I was asked to the prom – except I couldn’t even enjoy myself. I had so much tissue paper stuffed in my dress that I was afraid to dance for fear of it falling out!

My breast woes hit a boiling point when I moved to New York City for college. Did you know that New York is home to more models than the entire population of my hometown? No wonder I had such an inferiority complex!

Finally, I reached a point when I realized that some- thing had to be done. I just couldn’t take my flat-chested existence a minute longer!

At first, implants seemed like a good option. Okay, maybe not – I was a starving student living on rice and

beans. Where was I going to get $6,000 to pay for sur- gery?

Then, I heard about a new miracle pill that promised to grow breasts three cup sizes in only three months. These pills were a relative bargain, compared to implants, at $200 per month. How could I resist? I had just gotten my first credit card and it looked like I’d finally be able to make my dreams come true.

The pills failed, but my quest for bigger breasts had just begun. Call me stubborn or call me stupid, but I spent the next eight years trying every conceivable breast enlargement product on the market: I tried boob-boosting pills, creams, and lotions; I tried hypnosis; I tried vacuum pumps; I tried all kinds of electronic massagers and gadg- ets; I prayed, pleaded, and begged my breasts to grow.

And do you know what? Nothing happened! After eight years of relentless effort, my breasts weren’t even a hair bigger.

By this time, I was more depressed than ever. Drowning in credit card debt, it looked as if I had run out of choices. I’d just have to accept the fact that I’d always have a flat chest.

So, for awhile, that’s what I tried to do. I tried to for- get about to growing bigger breasts. I learned to pad my bra like a pro and I had a boyfriend who accepted me the way I was. Life was pretty good, even without cleavage.


A couple of years ago, I was at Barnes and Noble brows- ing through books about alternative medicine. Natural healing had been a passion of mine for the past ten years and, that day, I was in the bookstore researching herbs.

I happened to pick up a book called The Green Pharmacy by respected herbalist and USDA researcher,

Dr. James A. Duke. I opened the book to a random page and, when I looked down, I nearly gasped with shock. There, in big bold letters, were the words: BREAST ENLARGEMENT!

I couldn’t believe it! Here was a highly regarded herbal scholar discussing natural breast enlargement! According to Dr. Duke, herbal breast enlargement has been accomplished through folk traditions for hundreds of years. It wasn’t voodoo magic. It was a completely natural process based upon simple biological truths. Dr. Duke described how certain plants have an estrogenic effect that has been proven to enlarge women’s breasts.

I could hardly contain my excitement. Maybe there was hope for me after all!

However, I wasn’t willing to set myself up for another disappointment. First, I wanted to learn every- thing that there was to know about herbal breast enlarge- ment so I could guarantee to myself that I would get results.

My research began. I spent the next six months reading every book, arti- cle, and report about herbs, hormones, and breast development that I could find. I pieced together ideas and

potentially helpful techniques and soon, the only thing left to do was to try it for myself.


While researching online, I stumbled across a couple of discussion boards dedicated to natural breast enlarge- ment. There, I met some incredibly intelligent women (big shout out to Fawn, Wen, Momi, and Pammy!) who had developed different theories about herbal breast enlargement. Not only were these women the “brains”

behind natural breast enlargement, they were the “bod- ies,” too! Their results were amazing. Many of the women participating in the boards were reporting gains of one, two, and even three cup sizes!

I was ready to begin. With encouragement from the women that I met online, I devised my own breast enlargement routine. The results were almost immediate! About a week into my routine, my breasts began to feel really sore. I had growing pains, just like during puberty. Soon, I noticed that my breasts looked fuller and, within one month, the results were undeniable: I had grown!

There were some ups and down, but nonetheless, things kept creeping upwards. After four months – 16 weeks – I had gained 2” and had gone from a 32AA to a 32B – two cup sizes! Ok, I’m not Pamela Anderson, but I still love my new body! I don’t freak out anymore when my boyfriend tries to touch my breasts. And, for the first time in my life, I’ve been seen in public in a bikini!

I’ve also had the opportunity to help the women I met online. Through my research, I discovered techniques that made natural breast enlargement even more effective and helped jump-start growth for women who weren’t getting results from herbs alone.

But as exciting as it was to be a part of this online community, I realized that women outside of the “inner circle” needed to know these secrets, too. I couldn’t stand the thought of another woman being ripped off by some unscrupulous company taking advantage of her insecuri- ties. That’s why I decided to write a book about my find- ings.

Consequently, it was from the positive feedback that I received from males and transgender and transsexual females that I felt compelled to create a special program to address their own unique needs.

I wanted to make natural breast enlargement easy and accessible for anybody who was unwilling to butcher

his or her body for bigger breasts. I’ve distilled all of the information that I’ve gathered it into a simple, easy-to-use system Icall the Flat to Fem Breast Enlargement Program.

Thousands of males and transgender and transsexual females have already enjoyed safe and natural breast growth using the techniques that I am about to share. Now you can, too!

Boobie Biology

In this chapter, we’ll be taking a peek into the actual workings of your breasts. Why? Because understanding how your breasts work will help you to understand how natural breast enlargement works. As I mentioned earlier, it’s all based upon biology. Let’s start with two basic ideas:

1. Breasts are complex organs that are regulated by hormones.

2. Hormones trigger breast growth.


Hormones regulate the entire reproductive system along with all of your reproductive organs, including the breasts. Didn’t think that your breasts were reproductive organs? Guess again. Males are born with all of the same milk-producing features that females are! There have been

numerous reports of males having the ability to breast- feed. In her article, Male Lactation, Professor Patty Stuart Macadam of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Toronto tells the story of a 32-year old man who breastfed his child for five months.1

As a male, your breasts are anatomically identical to a genetic woman’s breasts and are completely capable of undergoing the same development process.


No matter what your sex, hormones trigger the signals to your body that cause your breasts to grow. Most people assume that breast growth only occurs in adolescent girls, but it can happen to anybody at any time. Yep, you heard me. Whenever the right hormonal conditions are created, breast growth is triggered.

For instance, breast growth can be a side effect of some medications. Certain antidepressants, heart medica- tions, and HIV treatments can trigger breast enlargement in both men and women, as these drugs mimic the effects of estrogen in the body.2

Speaking of drugs, the same thing can happen with heavy marijuana use. No, I’m not advocating drug use; however, marijuana causes a reduction in circulating lev- els of male sex hormones, which may lead to breast enlargement. (As well as those mellow, love-makes-the- world-go-round feelings.)

Hormones play a big role in determining how the breasts develop. As we move on, I will explain exactly how to tip your hormonal balance in a way that triggers breast growth. Fortunately, you don’t need harsh medica- tions or illegal drugs to do this! The same results can be accomplished safely and gently through the use of a few natural techniques.

Before you put these techniques into use, though, it will be helpful for you to understand what your breasts are made of. Sugar, spice, and everything nice? I don’t think so!


Pick up any magazine nowadays and you’d swear that nor- mal female breasts were made of saline and silicon. On the contrary, breasts are composed of glands, ducts, con- nective tissue, and fat.


Glands are the parts of your breasts that are responsible for milk produc- tion. We all have them; however, when boys reach puberty, their bodies produce hormones that prohibit fur- ther gland development. Developed glands are composed of tiny clusters of alveoli, which are hollow sacs that make and hold milk. In young women, the breasts are mostly made up of

glandular tissue. The aging process, however, causes the glands to atrophy and be replaced with fat.


Connected to the glands are ducts, with form your breasts’ “plumbing system” and bring milk to the nipples. About fifteen to twenty ducts come together near the are- ola (the dark area around the nipple) to form ampullae. The ampullae are sacs that store milk before it reaches the

nipple surface. By the way, those little bumps on your are- ola aren’t pimples; they’re oil glands that release a lubri- cant to protect the nipples during nursing.


Connective tissue is a webbing-like substance that sup- ports the ducts and glands, giving shape and firmness to the breast. Connective tissue breaks down as you age, causing that sag we females dread most.


Finally, your breasts are composed of a certain amount of fat. Your breast size is determined by both the amounts of glandular tissue and fatty tissue that your body has.


Hormones have gotten a bad rep these days, but they’re not the bad guys. Sure they can cause your mood to change quicker than the speed of light, but you wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them!

Hormones are chemical messengers that regulate almost every activity in your body. Before hormones can bark an order, they have to latch onto an appropriate receptor site. Hormone receptor sites are like little park- ing garages built onto cells. Once the hormone parks itself into a receptor site, it’s free to enter the cell and tell the cell what to do.

As far as your breasts are concerned, there are four hormones that matter most: estrogen, progesterone, pro- lactin, and growth hormone. These hormones command your breasts to grow.


Ah, estrogen. Without it I guess we’d be all walking around with hot flashes all day! Estrogen is also the hormone most respon- sible for breast growth.

Actually, estrogen is not a single sub- stance. There are sixty hormones with estrogenic properties swirling through

your body at this very moment! The three main estrogen hormones include: estradiol, estrone, and estriol. Estradiol is the strongest and is the hormone that is responsible for breast development. Estrone is a weaker estrogen produced in the fatty tissue of both males and females. Estriol is the weakest of the three and is made in the body from other estrogens.

Testosterone can also be converted into estrogen, which is why you often hear steroid-pumped body- builders complaining about “bitch tits,” one of the side

effects of excess testosterone. This conversion process is called aromatase and takes place in your body’s fat cells.


Progesterone is another important breast enlarging hormone that is specifically involved in the formation of the glands. It works alongside estrogen to keep the female system humming along happily.

While genetic females begin secret- ing progesterone at the onset of menstruation, males also

produce a small amount of progesterone in the adrenal glands. In women, progesterone levels rise and fall with the menstrual cycle.


Prolactin is a hormone that is involved in both breast development and milk produc- tion. Males are as capable of producing prolactin as females are.

During puberty, prolactin works with estrogen and progesterone to develop the mammary glands, while increasing the number of estrogen receptors in the

breasts. Prolactin also causes the breasts to store fat by increasing the production of lipoprotein lipase (LPL) in your breasts.3 LPL is a “fat storage” enzyme.

Prolactin controls milk production in genetic females and plays an important role in maintaining the immune system for all of us. It is produced by the pitu- itary glands and can also be stimulated via extensive stimulation. This stimulation usually comes in the form of a suckling baby, but any form of regular stimulation to the breasts and nipples is enough to trigger it!

Normally, prolactin is inhibited by a “prolactin inhibiting factor” (PIF), known as the brain chemical, dopamine.4 You’ve probably heard of dopamine before. Besides suppressing prolactin, this chemical is connected to emotions and addictions. Nicotine, cocaine, and other stimulants produce feelings of euphoria by increasing dopamine levels in your brain. But be warned: these drugs are no good for the boobies!


Growth hormone, as the name implies, trig- gers the growth of your body. It also plays a special role in breast development.

Growth hormone is so important that it is one of your body’s most plentiful hormones. It is produced by the pituitary gland during the first two hours of sleep. Almost imme- diately after it’s secreted, growth hormone is converted in the liver into a new, more usable substance known as Insulin like Growth Factor (IGF).5

Growth hormone could be thought of as your body’s “Master Hormone” since it regulates every other hormone you’ve got. Growth hormone is produced in massive amounts during puberty, promoting the growth of cells, tissues, and organs. Without enough

growth hormone, your body simply wouldn’t grow.
As an adult, growth hormone is involved in tissue repair and cell replacement. Unfortunately, growth hor- mone levels start to plummet after the age of thirty. By the time you hit sixty, your growth hormone level could be 75% lower than it was when you were twenty! Low growth hormone levels are directly responsible for the

aging of the body.


You might be surprised to learn that two-thirds of all males experience temporary breast growth during puber- ty.6 This process is known as gynecomastia and occurs before a boy produces enough testosterone to block the effects of estrogen in his system.

Fortunately, it’s possible to get a second chance at breast growth. In the next chapter, I will explain exactly how to do this, unhindered, to obtain the feminine figure you’ve always dreamed of!


How Natural Breast Enlargement Works

So what’s the secret to natural breast enlargement? As you’ve probably guess, it’s all about hormones.

To put it simply, natural breast enlargement is accomplished by tricking your breasts into thinking they’re back in puberty – except this time, you’re going to undergo the process as an adolescent girl! Create the hor- monal conditions that trigger breast growth and your breasts WILL grow. It’s that simple.

Most people believe that male breast enlargement is all about increasing estrogen and decreasing testosterone. That’s true, but it’s only half the equation. As we’ve already discussed, there are numerous hormones involved in breast development and for the greatest results, you must take them all into consideration.

There are five hormonal shifts you have to make to nudge your body into “boob-building mode:”

1. Increase estrogen
2. Increase prolactin
3. Increase progesterone

4. Increase growth hormone 5. Decrease testosterone Take a look at the illustration below to see how it works:
INCREASING ESTROGEN Estrogen is the hormone most responsible for breast growth. Not only does estrogen give your breasts the command to grow, it also counterbalances the effects of testosterone. Since estrogen and testosterone are antago- nists – meaning that they work against each other to keep a balance in the body – increasing estrogen decreases your testosterone level. That’s not to say that you can’t get too much of a good thing. Excess estrogen can be converted into testos- terone, which is obviously the last thing you need. An estrogen overload also causes your receptors to lose sen- sitivity and be shut down during a process known as down-regulation.1 Without enough open estrogen recep- tors, your breasts simply won’t get the message to grow.

So how do you increase estrogen without going overboard? One of the most effective ways is through the use of phytoestrogenic herbs, which are plants that con- tain estrogen-like compounds. Since phytoestrogens are weaker than actual estrogen, it’s a lot easier to stay with- in an ideal range. As I’ll reveal in the next chapter, these herbs have been used to increase breast size naturally for hundreds of years.

Besides excess estrogen, you should also be aware of two forms of “evil estrogen” that can sabotage your efforts: xenoestrogens and second-hand hormones.


Unless you move to the moon, you’re living in a world full of invisible toxins. Xenoestrogens are hormone-disrupt- ing toxins with a molecular structure similar to estrogen.2 They can be found in plastics, household cleansers, auto- mobile exhaust, and hair dye – to name just a few sources. Xenoestrogens trick your body into thinking they’re real hormones by locking onto estrogen receptor sites and sending a scrambled message to the cell.

How do xenoestrogens put the brakes on breast growth? Instead of allowing good, healthy forms of estrogen to fill your receptors, xenoestrogens take their places and send toxic messages to your cells. These scrambled messages can lead to side effects like mood swings and weight gain, while preventing real estrogen from triggering breast growth.

Second-Hand Hormones

If you eat meat, then it’s a fact: you’ve got second hand hormones lurking in every meal. That’s because the ani- mals that supply us with food are laced with huge amounts of hormones. Cows, pigs, sheep, and chickens are

given estrogen and testosterone to make them grow faster and fatter. These hormones get passed along to you when you consume meat, milk, and eggs.

Since “hormone grams” aren’t stated on the label, there’s no way of knowing what you’re getting with each meal. Eventually, these hormones can take a toll on your health – and your breasts.

Needless to say, steering clear of xenoestrogens and second-hand hormones should be at the top of your breast enlargement “to do” list. In Chapter Six, I’ll show you how to protect yourself from these hidden hormone dis- rupters.


The next ingredient growing breasts need is prolactin. Not only does prolactin help develop the mammary glands, it also promotes fat storage in the breasts and increases the number of estrogen receptors in the breasts.

There are a couple of ways for males to get their bodies to pump out prolactin, on demand. One of the most reliable ways is through the use of herbs. Besides mim- icking the effects of estrogen, certain phytoestrogenic herbs also trigger prolactin production.

Massage is another prolactin-pumping tool that I will be discussing. In the next chapter, I will explain how special massage techniques stimulate prolactin, just like a suckling baby stimulates prolactin in a nursing mother (or father!).


Progesterone is involved in the formation of the glands and is necessary for fully developed breasts.

While herbs in their natural state cannot increase

your progesterone level, a progesterone cream derived from soy or wild yam is an excellent way to bring your hormones into balance. This supplement, which can be found in any health food store, is often used by genetic women to combat excess estrogen.

Like estrogen and testosterone, estrogen and prog- esterone are antagonists. That means that increasing progesterone can help keep your estrogen level in check.

Not that you want to overdo it! Excess amounts of progesterone inhibit estrogen and can prevent breast growth from occurring. Since finding the right balance is crucial, I’ll show you how to create the perfect hormonal mix in the chapters to come.


The breast enlargement equation isn’t complete without growth hormone. During puberty, you had massive amounts of growth hormone available to assist with the growth of every part of your body. This time around, you’ll need it to help encourage breast growth. Since growth hormone levels start to plummet after the age of thirty, you may have to bring things back up to speed before you can expect results.

Everybody can benefit from a little extra growth hormone, but it’s essential for males in their 30’s and 40’s. Fortunately, a common supplement, known as GABA, can trigger your body to produce more of its own growth hormone naturally. We’ll talk more about GABA in just a little bit.

Your diet, exercise, and sleep habits also impact how much growth hormone your body produces. In the next chapter, I will suggest a few simple changes you can make to dramatically boost your output.


As you already know, nothing puts the brakes on breast growth faster than testosterone. Increased estrogen reduces testosterone, but there’s another problem we’ll have to tackle:

Testosterone in your body is often converted into a more potent hormone known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT).3 DHT is so powerful, it binds three to five times more strongly to receptors than ordinary testosterone.4 Small

amounts of DHT are beneficial for sexual function, but excess amounts sabotage estrogen in two ways:

1. DHT suppresses estrogen activity.
2. DHT inhibits the aromatase enzyme, which con-

verts testosterone into estrogen.5 (DHT itself cannot be converted into estrogen.)

Amazingly enough, there are herbs that can actually put a stop to DHT. I’ll be discussing two important testosterone-balancing herbs in the next chapter.

You might also be surprised to learn that your daily habits have a big impact on your testosterone level. Later on, I’ll help you design a lifestyle that supports maximum breast growth.


With all this talk about hormones, you might be wonder- ing why I don’t suggest going strait for synthetic hormones, which are obviously stronger than herbs or natural remedies.

I have nothing against synthetic hormones – in fact, I strongly encourage you to explore ALL of your options – however, you should be aware that there are side effects and risks associated with hormones, including:

1. Nausea and vomiting 2. Headaches
3. Mood swings
4. Depression

5. Fluid retention or weight gain
6. Hypothyroidism
7. Risk of blood clots/deep vein thrombosis (DVT) 8. Increased potential for gall bladder disease
9. Increased potential for liver/breast cancer

Hormone replacement therapy should not be started on a whim. If you choose to go this route, please find an experienced doctor to guide you. Self administered hor- mones can be very dangerous.

As an alternative, the Flat to Fem Breast Enlargement Program is a safe and natural way to obtain the feminine figure you desire. Herbs may not be able to raise your voice or dramatically change your body fat pat- terns, but they CAN help your breasts reach their fullest natural potential. For many males and transgender and transsexual females, this is one of the most gratifying changes that can be made.

And now that you understand the basics of breast enlargement, let’s look at the actual tools and techniques that make it happen.


Tools and Techniques

Forget about the gadgets and gizmos! In this chapter, I’ll show you how natural breast enlargement can be accom- plished safely and easily through the use of a few simple tools and techniques, including: herbs, nutritional supple- ments, and specialized massage techniques. I will also suggest a few simple lifestyle changes you can make to get the most from this program.

Let’s start by looking at the most important ingre- dient of all: herbs.


Herbs are the cornerstone of the Flat to Fem Breast Enlargement Program. Before I witnessed the bust boost- ing power of herbs, I thought they were nothing more than a form of “sissy medicine.” Boy, was I wrong!

Herbal medicine has a history dating back thousands of years. Healers have long recognized the hormone balancing effects of certain plants: herbs have been used to treat PMS, infertility, and menopause for as long as any- body can remember.

Herbs are technically classified as food, but they are very powerful. Although most herbs are completely safe, you should still use them carefully. I’ll give you some important safety guidelines to follow later in this chapter.

Of the 30,000 plants classified as herbs, eight have been proven to be especially effective for breast enlarge- ment. Breast enlargement herbs work in three ways:

  1. By mimicking estrogen 2. By stimulating prolactin 3. By blocking testosterone

Rather than buying expensive breast pills like GroBust, Erdic, or Bloussant, I recommend using inex- pensive, individual herbs that can be found in any health food store. Why? Because most commercial formulas are filled with ingredients that don’t do a thing for bigger breasts! Not only that, but individual herbs allow you to customize your routine and are a lot cheaper, too.


Most of the herbs that I’ll be discussing mimic the effects of estrogen in the body. These herbs are known as phy- toestrogens, which literally means “plant-estrogens.” Phytoestrogenic herbs contain chemical compounds simi- lar to your body’s own estrogen and can help you safely and gently increase your overall hormone levels.1

Phytoestrogens also help protect you from those “evil estrogens” I mentioned earlier. When your receptors are filled with healthy phytoestrogens, xenoestrogens have nowhere to go. Thus, phytoestrogens actually prevent xenoestrogens from latching onto receptor sites and sending their deceptive messages to your cells.

Can you believe that over 300 common foods – such as cabbage, clover, and pomegranates – are classified as phytoestrogens? In 1998, a study was conducted by the California Public Health Foundation to test the effects of 150 hormone-enhancing plants.2 They found that the four plants with the most estrogenic activity include soy, licorice, red clover, and hops flowers. Of these, three have been suggested to have anti-cancer properties: soy, licorice, and red clover.


A few phytoestrogenic herbs have the added bonus of stimulating prolactin production. These herbs are most commonly used to increase milk flow in nursing mothers and include fenugreek, fennel, licorice, anise, blessed this- tle, goat’s rue, marshmallow root, and nettle.


While phytoestrogenic herbs lower testosterone by increasing estrogen, it’s going to take more to combat DHT – that ultra-potent version of testosterone we talked about earlier.

Thankfully, herbs can even solve this aggravating problem! Herbs such as saw palmetto, licorice, pumpkin seeds, pygeum, and stinging nettle prevent testosterone from converting into DHT by inhibiting the action of 5- alpha-reductase – the enzyme responsible for this process.3


While there are hundreds of hormone-enhancing herbs out there, three herbs have been proven to provide every- thing you need for naturally bigger breasts. They include:

1. Red clover
2. Fenugreek
3. Saw palmetto

Not only have these herbs accomplished incredible feats of enlargement – they’re inexpensive and easy-to- find, to boot! Red clover, fenugreek and saw palmetto form the foundation of the Flat to Fem Breast Enlargement Program. Later, I’ll show you how to add additional herbs if necessary.


Red clover is a wild plant most commonly used for grazing cattle – but don’t let that fool you; red clover has been used to treat everything from coughs to cancer. For our purposes, its breast-enlarging abilities can’t be beat.

Red clover contains phytoestrogenic com- pounds that help balance hormones, including: genistein, diadzen, formononetin and biochanin. Genistein is espe- cially beneficial for breast growth because it binds to estradiol receptors, which are specifically associated with breast development.4

Red clover is an excellent detox herb that purifies the blood and stimulates digestive fluids. It can also used to treat asthma, coughs, and bronchitis. Red clover has even been used as a treatment for cancer; it has been discovered that some of the compounds in red clover – including the phytoestrogens genistein, diadzen, and biochanin – have anti-cancer properties.

Possible Side Effects

No serious side effects have been reported with red clover and allergies to this herb are rare.


Who would’ve thought the cure for small breasts could be found in curry sauce? It’s true! Fenugreek seeds are more than just an Indian spice; they’ve been used as a healing herb for thousands of years.

Middle Eastern harem girls were reported to be the first to use fenugreek for breast enlargement. Here in America, the folk practice of eating fenugreek seeds for bigger breasts goes back as far as anybody can remember. Now we know why!

Fenugreek seeds contain diosgenin, a phytoestrogen that mimics the effects of estrogen in the body. Researchers at the Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, India, conducted a study on mice and found that diosgenin stimulates growth of the mammary glands.5 Aside from that, fenugreek is one of nature’s most potent prolactin stimulators. It’s been used to increase milk pro- duction in nursing mothers for hundreds of years. In his book, The Green Pharmacy, Dr. Duke tells the story of a woman who experienced unintentional breast growth after eating too many fenugreek seed sprouts. Talk about a happy accident!

Fenugreek has some other benefits, as well. The seeds contain a special type of fiber known as mucilage. In addition to easing constipation, mucilage contains six compounds that help regulate blood sugar.6 Since imbal- anced blood sugar levels can increase testosterone and decrease growth hormone (as I’ll explain later in this chapter), mucilage can give your breast enlargement efforts an extra boost.

Possible Side Effects

Fenugreek is a very safe herb; however, diabetics should get their doctor’s permission before using it, since fenu- greek can lower blood sugar levels. As with any herb, allergies are a rare possibility.

One you’ll notice is that fenugreek has a distinct smell similar to maple syrup. Consume enough of it and your sweat may smell like somebody’s breakfast! To coun- teract this effect, use deodorant and a peppermint scented body wash.


Saw palmetto berries, found on saw palmetto trees in Florida, are a traditional Native American herb. Saw palmetto is most com- monly known as a “man’s herb,” and is used to treat the symptoms of an enlarged

prostate, but that’s not all this herb is capable of. It can also treat the symptoms of small breasts!

Native American women were the first to discover saw palmetto’s bust boosting abilities. It works by pre- venting testosterone from converting into DHT. You can even find a reference to saw palmetto in the King’s American Dispensatory (1898), which was the standard text used by physicians over one hundred years ago. It states: “Long continued use (of saw palmetto) is said to slowly and surely cause the mammary glands to increase.” Sounds like just what the doctor ordered!

There are other advantages to using saw palmetto. It can give you fuller hair and clearer skin, since DHT is also associated with hair loss and acne.

Possible Side Effects

Side effects and allergies to saw palmetto are rare. An overdose could cause mild dizziness, upset stomach, nau- sea, vomiting, constipation or diarrhea.


While red clover, fenugreek, and saw palmetto provide everything you need for bigger breasts, there are five additional herbs that have also proven to be effective. They include:

1. Hops
2. Fennel
3. Wild yam 4. Kudzu
5. Licorice

These herbs can be added to your program if you need to pump things up or make substitutions. I’ll explain how to do this in Chapter Five.


Hops flowers are best known for their use as an ingredi- ent and preservative in beer. Hops were first added to beer in Germany in the 9th century, and their bitter flavor soon became popular throughout Europe. Need an excuse to spend the night at a pub with your friends? Here’s one: in addition to putting you in a good mood, hops are excel- lent for breast enlargement!

Hops flowers are big news because they contain the most potent phtyoestrogen discovered so far: 8-prenyl- naringenin. While other phytoestrogens range from 1/200 to 1/1000 of the strength of actual estrogen, 8- prenylnaringenin is about 1/20 the strength of estrogen.7 In addition, 8-prenylnaringenin binds to estradiol recep- tors – the receptors involved in breast development. For these reasons, I recommend hops be next on your list of “best breast enlargement herbs.”

Hops are a distant relative to marijuana, and they share the same calming effects. As a matter of fact, hops have been used as a sedative for hundreds of years. The herb can be made into a bitter tea or be used to fill a sleep-promoting pillow. Today in Germany, hops are pre- scribed for the treatment of anxiety.

Possible Side Effects

The calming effects of hops may cause drowsiness in some people, so don’t use this herb when you need to be alert. Allergies to hops are rare, but can occur.


Fennel seeds have been used as a digestive aid for thousands of years and are a common spice in Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine. Next time you’re in an Indian restaurant, grab an extra handful of the candied fennel seeds by Fennel seeds stimulate breast growth in two ways:

just like fenugreek, they are both a phytoestrogen and a prolactin stimulant. Fennel seeds contain a phytoestro- genic compound known as estragole. In a study reported by the Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, researchers discovered that estragole stimulates growth of the mammary glands.8 Fennel has traditionally been used in Latin America to increase milk flow in nursing mothers.

As a digestive aid, fennel seeds promote the secre- tion of bile in the liver, aiding in the digestion of fats. Fennel also makes a great weight loss herb: the seeds are both an appetite suppressant and a diuretic. They can even spice things up in bed! Studies show that fennel increases the libido of both male and female rats.

Possible Side Effects

Fennel has almost no known side effects, except for the rare allergic reaction. Be sure to avoid fennel OIL – it is poisonous if ingested.


Wild yam is a very popular “woman’s herb” and was often used by American Indians as a form of birth control. Wild yam contains

The wild yam is a climbing vine found in the eastern part of the US and Mexico. Although it bears no relation to yams you might have for Thanksgiving dinner, the root can be used as both a food and a med- icine. The Aztecs and Mayans were the first to discover its healing properties.

diosgenin – the same phytoestrogenic compound found in fenugreek. Although wild yam is a less potent source of diosgenin, it used to be one of the raw ingredients used in producing birth control pills. Progestin (synthetic prog- esterone) can be created from chemically altered diso- genin.

Wild yam contains substances known as alkaloids, which relax the muscles and reduce inflammation. This makes it useful in treating conditions like arthritis. Wild yam is an effective digestive aid; it soothes an upset stom- ach and reduces intestinal pain. It can also be applied to the skin to treat eczema and skin inflammation.

Possible Side Effects

Wild yam has few documented side effects. An overdose may cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Allergic reac- tions are very rare.


For breast enlargement purposes, kudzu root is a rich source of phytoestrogens. It contains many phytoestrogenic compounds, including: puerarin, diadzin, diadzein, genistin, genistein, and for- mononetin. Genistein, in particular, binds to the estradiol receptors that are responsible for breast growth. Kudzu root is not as common as some of the other breast enlargement herbs I’ve described, but if you can find it,

it’s inexpensive and highly effective.

The kudzu vine is native to Asia and was first brought to the United States as an ornamen- tal plant by the Japanese in 1876. While kudzu was eventually declared a weed, it is still useful as both a food and an herb.

As a food, kudzu contains high amounts of iron, cal- cium, and phosphorus. Asian healers traditionally use kudzu to treat allergies, colds, and flu, though it is most popularly used as a treatment for alcoholism. Kudzu is highly effective at reducing alcohol cravings – in fact, studies have shown that alcoholism rarely occurs in cul- tures where kudzu is part of the diet.

Possible Side Effects

There have been no serious side effects associated with the use of kudzu root. As with any herb, allergies are a rare possibility.


testosterone – all at the same time. Remember the California study on hormonal plants? Licorice was found to be one of the four most potent sources of phytoestro- gens tested (along with soy, red clover, and hops). Licorice contains numerous phytoestrogenic compounds, including glabridin, glabrene, and 3-hydroxyglabrol. Glabridin is very similar to estradiol, the estrogen responsible for breast development.9 Licorice is a prolactin stimulant and, like saw palmetto, it prevents testosterone from convert-

Not to be confused with Twizzlers, licorice root is fifty times sweeter than sugar and is used to flavor candies, cough drops, and syrups. Besides tasting good, it’s a versatile herb that can treat everything from colds and coughs to ulcers and infections.

Licorice is an excellent breast enlarge- ment herb. It’s the only herb that balances estrogen, stimulates prolactin, and blocks into DHT by inhibiting the enzyme, 5-alpha-reductase.

Licorice has numerous benefits in addition to breast growth. Next time you’ve got a cold, reach for licorice instead of NyQuil. Licorice is highly effective at treating coughs, sore throats, and bronchitis. You can even use it to rev up your libido: in Germany, licorice was once a more popular gift than chocolate because it was reputed to be sexually arousing!

Possible Side Effects

For all its benefits, you have to be careful with licorice. At very high doses (over fifty grams per day), it can lead to headaches, water retention, or high blood pressure. At its recommended dosage of one to two grams per day, side effects are highly unlikely. To use licorice safely, never exceed the manufacturer’s recommended dose and do not use it for more than four to six weeks at a time.


Look for Quality

The quality of herbs can vary largely from manufacturer to manufacturer. Don’t just grab the cheapest bottle on the shelf. Generally, you do have to pay a little more for a good, high quality herb – but the results are worth it. With higher quality herbs, you can achieve your goals faster. There are a number of good brands, readily avail- able at most health food stores and online, that I can per- sonally vouch for, including: Greenbush (the best!), Dr. Christopher’s, Nature’s Answer, Nature’s Way, Soloray, and Solgar. Also, look for organically grown herbs when- ever possible.


Choose “Whole Plants” Over Standardized Herbs

Herbs generally come in two forms: “whole plant” and standardized. There is a lot of debate over which form is best. I prefer whole plants and recommend that you use them whenever possible. When herbs are standardized, the active components of the plant are isolated to ensure that each capsule gives you a precise dose of the active ingredient. However, many herbalists argue that plants are not designed to be isolated like pharmaceuticals. Herbs contain multiple compounds that work together, including components that we may not even be aware of.


Most herbs are extremely safe to use. Aside from deaths caused by ephedra (which has since been banned by the FDA), the American Association of Poison Control has reported ZERO deaths due to herbal medicines from 1983-2002. By contrast, prescription drugs are responsi- ble for an average of 90,000 to 110,000 deaths per year!10

Nonetheless, herbs are powerful medicine and should be used with caution. Be sure to follow these safety guide- lines:

1. Talk to your doctor. Please speak with your doc- tor before getting started if you have any kind of medical condition or take prescription drugs, including hormones.

2. Always test for allergies. While allergies to the herbs used in the Flat to Fab Breast Enlargement Program are extremely rare, you should always be alert for any unusual reactions. New herbs should be introduced to your system gradually so you can isolate any bad matches.

3. Do not exceed the manufacturer’s recommend- ed dosages. The potency of each formula can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so it is important to follow the label guidelines carefully.

Needless to say, your safety is my number one con- cern. Please use common sense and caution when using ANY kind of herb or natural remedy. If you notice an adverse reaction, stop what you’re doing and speak with your doctor before proceeding.


Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to ensure that the herbs you take actually target breast tissue? There is! One of the secrets to apply herbs directly to the breasts them- selves.

In a moment, I am going to show you how to make a breast enlarging lotion I call “Cleavage Cream.” By massaging liquid herbal extracts into the breasts – as opposed to simply swallowing a bunch of capsules – you increase the effectiveness of herbs in two ways:

1. External herbs target breast tissue directly.

When herbs are swallowed, the active compounds can land in receptor sites all over the body. This isn’t a bad thing, but it can slow down breast growth. Like a stealth bomber, Cleavage Cream targets your breasts and delivers breast enlarging nutrients where they are needed most.

2. Nutrients are absorbed most effectively through the skin. Anything that gets absorbed through the skin will pass directly into the blood- stream; by contrast, anything you swallow must

first be processed by the liver. According to the Physician’s Desk Reference Manual, the liver breaks down 80% to 90% of all substances that pass through it. That means your body only gets to use 10% to 20% of the herbs you take by capsule! When you rub liquid herbs into your skin, your body gets to use all of the nutrients they contain.

Applying herbs to the breasts is nothing new. There are 68 different plants that have been traditionally mas- saged into the breasts to increase milk flow. According to Dr. Duke, the breasts have the ability to absorb plant chemicals directly.

Technically speaking, any of the phytoestogenic herbs we’ve already discussed could be used in Cleavage Cream, but I’ve found two to be especially effective: fenu- greek and wild yam.

Fenugreek is, by far, the best breast massage herb of all. During growth spurts, I’ve been amazed to wake up with larger breasts after applying fenugreek the night before! Fenugreek is a powerful phytoestrogen and nature’s most potent prolactin stimulant.

For all its glory, I have to be honest with you: fenu- greek has a downside. Buy a bottle of liquid extract and you’ll know what I mean. There is no avoiding the SMELL! Fenugreek has a strong maple syrup scent that can lead to embarrassing moments if you wear it in public. The solution to this “I just rolled in pancakes” dilemma? Use fenu-

greek at night or when you’re in the privacy of your own home.

Although wild yam is much less potent, it contains the same phytoestrogen as fenugreek, namely diosgenin, and is an ideal substitute of daytime use.

You can find liquid herbal extracts in either an alcohol or glycerin base in any health food store or online.


If you live in an area that doesn’t carry liquid herbal extracts, it is possible to make your own.

One option is to make a strong tea from fenugreek or wild yam. Simply boil a few tea bags or the powder con- tents of a handful of capsules and use the liquid in your Cleavage Cream. Store any exceed tea in the fridge so it doesn’t spoil.

You can also make your own extracts from alcohol, vinegar, or glycerine. The process takes two weeks, but is very effective. The items you’ll need include:

  • Powdered herbs
  • 80-100proofvodkaorrum(substitutewithvine- gar or glycerine for nonalcoholic extracts)
  • Wide mouth jars with lids
  • Unbleached cheesecloth or muslin
  • Labels and markers Follow these instructions to make your own extracts: 1. Using a ratio of one part herb to three parts alco- hol, combine the herbs and alcohol in a glass jar. 2. Seal the jar tightly and store in a dark place, such as a closet. 3. Once per day, shake the jar vigorously for about fifteen seconds. You may need to add more alcohol as the herbs expand and absorb the liquid. 4. After two weeks, pour the contents through a cheesecloth into another jar. Squeeze the saturat- ed herbs until you’ve extracted all the remaining liquid.
  • 5. Close the jar and label. The extract can be kept for

up to two years in a tightly closed container.


Time for the recipe! To make a single serving of Cleavage Cream, simply com- bine one teaspoon or one dropper-full of

herbal extract with one tablespoon of body lotion. Use a thick, creamy lotion to avoid a runny mess; I like to use something scented to cover up the stench of the extracts. Avoid oils since they do not penetrate the skin as readily as lotion.

You can also make a larger batch of Cleavage Cream and store it in a dark, opaque container for later use. Just don’t keep it for longer than a week and be careful where you store it since light and heat can break down the active ingredients.

If your skin gets irritated by the extracts, cut down on the amount you use or look for a formula with a glyc- erine base. People with very sensitive skin may have to eliminate the extracts all together. You could use plain lotion or aloe vera gel instead, though it may take longer to see results.


Once you’ve got your Cleavage Cream, you’ll want to do more than just slap it on your breasts. There is a science to rubbing this stuff in! When Cleavage Cream is com- bined with the Chi Massage, the real magic happens.

Massage is an absolute must for bigger breasts. Anybody who says you can enlarge your breasts simply by swallowing a few pills is lying! There are two reasons why massage is so crucial:

1. Massage increases circulation to the breasts. 2. Massage stimulates prolactin production.


A pumped-up circulation is essential to enlarging your breasts. Since phytoestrogens and other herbal com- pounds travel through the blood stream, the more blood you have flowing through your breasts, the better chance they have of picking up what they need in order to grow. Massage is the best way to increase circulation to the breasts.

Massage also increases the flow of lymph. Lymph is a fluid that surrounds and bathes every cell in your body; it works like a vacuum cleaner to suck wastes and toxins out of your cells. Moving lymph through your breasts encourages the release of hormone disrupting toxins – toxins that could otherwise interfere with your growth.


In Chapter Two, I explained how prolactin is secreted in response to stimulation. Normally, this stimulation comes in the form of a suckling baby, but massage works just as well! Any kind of regular, repeated stimulation to the breasts is often enough to trigger prolactin production.

As any nursing mother can tell you, frequent feed- ings are required to keep up a good flow of milk; the same goes for massage. Short, frequent massages are more effective than a few long sessions.

Any form of massage is beneficial to the breasts, but there is nothing as effective as the Chi Massage. Allow me to explain:

While doing my breast enlargement research, I ran across a book called Reiki Healing, by Diane Stein. Reiki is a form of energy healing and in her book, Ms. Stein describes several energy-balancing exercises. One of these exercises was designed to balance hormones and – can you believe it? – enlarge the breasts!

Well, I didn’t believe it either, but I decided to try it, anyway. The results were astounding! My breast growth took off like never before! When I shared this technique with the women that I met on the Internet, they con- firmed my findings: the exercise worked like a charm. In fact, women who weren’t getting results finally started growing, while others reported faster growth within days.

So what is the Chi Massage? It’s a special technique that combines energy balancing with massage. If you’ve ever done yoga or gotten acupuncture, you’ve probably heard of Chi. “Chi” is a Chinese term that refers to the invisible energy flowing through the body. This energy can be manipulated to heal or energize the body. In the case of the Chi Massage, Chi is directed to balance the hormones and stimulate new breast growth.

I know this might sound a little far out, but the Chi Massage works. You’ll just have to see it to believe it. Let’s give it a try!


  1. Remove your top so that your breasts are bare.
  2. Apply a generous helping of Cleavage Cream to your breasts, covering both breasts completely.
  3. After you’ve applied the Cleavage Cream, position your hands on your breasts with the fingers open slightly. The idea is to cover as much area as pos- sible with your hands.


4. Pressing down firmly, move your hands in an inward-rotating circle, rotating your breasts beneath your palms. If you imagine that each breast is a clock, the right breast would rotate clockwise while the left rotates counter-clock- wise. Be sure to move the breasts themselves, as opposed to simply sliding the hands across the skin.
Rotate both breasts simultaneously for 360 rota- tions. This should take about three to four min- utes to complete. If your arms get tired, relax one arm and rotate a single breast at a time, aiming for a total of 360 rotations on each breast. Diane Stein recommends doing 360 rotations twice daily to enlarge the breasts. That might sound like a lot, but it honestly doesn’t take more than a few minutes out of your day. The results are well worth it! PROGESTERONE CREAM Now that you’ve got your estrogen and prolactin levels


up, let’s move on to progesterone. Your progesterone level can be increased through the use of progesterone cream, a natural supplement derived from soy or

wild yam. It comes in cream form since the body absorbs progesterone better through the skin than through a pill. Natural progesterone cream can be found in any health food store. When purchasing the cream, be sure the label says “Progesterone USP,” which stands for “United States Pharmacopeia.” This confirms that the proges- terone cream meets USP standards and is identical to the

progesterone naturally produced by your body.


There is one more breast enlarging ingredient we need to consider: growth hormone. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an effective “growth hormone pill.” The only effective way to get a growth hormone supplement into your system is through an injection that costs about $10,000 per month! A more practical solution? Increase your body’s own natural production of growth hormone. This can be accomplished in two ways:

1. By supplementing with GABA
2. By improving your diet, exercise, and sleep habits


GABA is an amino acid (a protein building block) that is naturally found in your body. GABA’s job is to communicate messages through brain cells; there are large amounts of it found in the hypothalamus gland. Because

the hypothalamus gland regulates the pituitary gland –


which is primarily responsible for manufacturing growth hormone – researchers have discovered a link between GABA and growth hormone.

Since GABA is an amino acid, it can be made into a nutritional supplement from protein. Many studies have proven GABA’s ability to effectively increase growth hormone levels. In one study, researchers found that supplementing with GABA led to a five-fold increase

in growth hormone levels after only ninety minutes!11 GABA is recommended for those over the age of thirty. By taking a moderate dose of GABA before bed, you can easily boost your body’s production of growth

It can even help you get a good night’s sleep: GABA

promotes sleep and relaxation so effectively, it is known as the brain’s “natural Valium.”

Possible Side Effects

GABA is a safe, readily available supplement; side effects are rare. Some people notice mild tingling around the face after taking GABA, but this effect is harmless and disap- pears after a couple minutes.


While GABA supplements are an excellent way to increase growth hormone, improving your diet, exercise, and sleep habits can make a big difference, too. Here are some simple suggestions:

1. Cut back on the carbs. Excess insulin, triggered by eating sugar or simple carbs, lowers your blood sugar level and decreases growth hormone.


Somatostatin – the chemical that turns off growth

hormone – is triggered by low blood sugar.
2. Eat smaller meals. After a large meal, your body releases large amounts of insulin into the blood- stream to aid digestion: another blow for breast growth. Instead, focus on eating six or seven smaller meals during the day, rather than three

large ones.

3. Get an intense workout a couple times per week. There are two times when the body pro- duces growth hormone: during
the first ninety minutes of sleep

and during an intense workout. A
study reported by the The Journal
of Clinical Endocrinolog y &
Metabolism found that the more
intense you work out, the more growth hormone you secrete.12 In order to boost production, do high-intensity aerobic or strength-training exer- cises for twenty minutes, twice per week.

4. Don’t eat for two hours before exercising. One UCLA study found that subjects who exercised with partially digested food in their stomachs experienced a 54% decrease in growth hormone production.

5. Get enough sleep. According to Walter Thompson, Ph.D., director of the Center for Sports Medicine at Georgia State University in Atlanta, not getting enough sleep regularly can lower the amount of growth hormone your body produces daily. That means you need to get a full eight hours of sleep each night.



While all of the techniques I have described can effec- tively enlarge your breasts, they won’t work if you are secretly sabotaging your results. The usual suspect? Testosterone. Some surprising causes of high testos- terone include:

1. Stress
2. The wrong type of exercise 3. A poor diet


As if the stress of growing breasts wasn’t bad enough, stress also leads to the secretion of androgens (i.e. male hormones) from the adrenal glands. That means that you’ll have to chill out if you are constantly find yourself feeling stressed. Schedule that massage, head to the park, or do whatever it takes to relax.


Not surprisingly, pumping iron and building your biceps doesn’t go hand in hand with a more feminine figure! Resistance training increases testosterone. As an alterna- tive, take up jogging, swimming, or spinning; endurance activities have been shown to decrease testosterone levels.


Even the foods you eat have an impact on your hormones. Excess insulin, triggered by sugary snacks, is directly linked to increased testosterone, as these facts reveal:


  1. Insulin triggers the adrenals to secrete more testosterone.13
  2. Insulin acts directly on testosterone receptors in the body, making them more sensitive to the effects of testosterone.14
  3. Insulin increases 5-alpha-reductase (5-AR), the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into DHT.

I’m not suggesting you give up all your favorite foods, but you may want to think twice before downing that last gallon of ice cream. Keep insulin levels down by eating plenty of protein and healthy whole grains.

And now that you know all of the tricks of the trade, you’re just about ready to get started. In the next chapter, I’ll show you exactly how to create a customized routine that can give you the breasts you’ve been waiting for. Let the boob times roll!

At last! It’s time to turn your luck around and bring your

breasts to life. Now that you’re ready for the nitty-gritty

of natural breast enlargement, I’d like to remind you that

consistent effort is the key to success. I’ll be the first to

admit that the Flat to Fem Breast Enlargement Program

is no walk along the beach – in fact, it can feel an awful lot

like work sometimes – but your results will soon make it

all worthwhile.

I recommend that you treat breast enlargement like

you would any other important project: the more you put

into it, the more you’ll get out of it.


What can you REALLY expect from the Flat to Fem

Breast Enlargement Program? A lot. But here’s some

advice: start with realistic expectations. Unlike the

infomercials or Cosmo ads, I’m not going to promise you

the moon. Natural breast enlargement works, but it takes

4 49 9

The Flat to Fem Breast

Enlargement Program

CHAPTER FIVEtime and effort. With patience, dedication, and realistic

expectations, however, your results can be life changing.

Most people find their self esteem gets as much of boost

as their breasts!

While I can’t tell you exactly how much you’ll grow,

I will say that most males gain one or two cup sizes.

Natural breast enlargement can’t usually take the place of

implants, but what it CAN do is help you make the most of

what you’ve already got.

The results that you can expect from this program

depend upon three things:

1. Your genes

2. Your age

3. Your weight


Just like your height or eye color, genetics play a role in

determining your ultimate breast size. To get an idea of

your potential, take a look at your mother or your sisters

– you are likely to obtain a breast size similar to that of

close female relatives.


While I like to believe that age ain’t nothing but a num-

ber, it does play a significant role in determining the kind

of results you can expect from breast enlargement. The

younger you are, the better chance you have at significant

growth. Males under the age of 25 may be able to gain

more than two sizes, while “older folks” usually gain one

or two cup sizes.


Your body weight is another important factor in deter-

mining the kind of results you can expect from this pro-

gram. In this case, more is definitely more! There are two

reasons why adequate body fat is essential for breast


1. The conversion of testosterone into estrogen

takes place in fatty tissue. Generally, the more

body fat you have, the more estrogen your body


2. Your breasts consist of a certain amount of

fat. Plain and simple, the less body fat you have,

the less fat you have available to store in your


Puberty is triggered when a girl’s body accumulates

about 20% body fat. By the same token, you will also need

to have enough padding to trigger breast growth.


It’s important to realize that breast enlargement takes

time. Breast development during puberty takes years and

it’s no different now. While you can expect to see changes

within one or two months, it takes most males six months

to two years to reach their full potential.

You will go through many stages as your breasts

develop. These stages are medically defined as “Tanner’s

Five Stages” and are described in terms of natural breast

enlargement on the next page:

5 51 1STAGE 1: The Undeveloped Breast

Before beginning natural breast enlargement, the unde-

veloped breast consists of a small elevated nipple with no

significant underlying breast tissue.

STAGE 2: The Breast Bud Stage

After 6-8 weeks, milk ducts within the breast begin to

grow. The breast and nipple form a small mound, which

may be sore to the touch. The areolas begin to enlarge.

STAGE 3: Gland Development

After 6 months to one year, there is further enlargement

and elevation of the breast and nipple as milk glands

begin to grow. The areola may darken in color.

STAGE 4: The Secondary Mound

After one year, the nipple and areola may project to form

a secondary mound on top of the breast.

STAGE 5: The Mature Breast

After one to two years, the breast is fully developed. The

nipple still projects, but the areola has receded into the

general breast contour.



As a male, there are a few factors that can influence the

perceived size of your breasts. Since your rib cage is

wider than that of most genetic women, your breasts may

appear to be widely spaced or smaller than they really are.

This should be less of a problem as your breasts reach

their full potential, though a push-up bra in the meantime

can be a lifesaver.

Some males have breasts that are very narrow at the

base. This condition, known as “tubular breasts” or

“snoopy breasts,” affects many genetic women as well. It

is usually caused by an insufficient amount of glandular

tissue. Progesterone cream can improve this condition by

promoting gland development.

You may also notice that your areolas stay small,

even as your breasts get bigger. The younger you begin

breast enlargement, the more areola growth you can




I would be lying if I said natural breast enlargement did-

n’t come with a few possible side effects. Fortunately,

these side effects are not harmful – just a little annoying –

and usually disappear when your body adjusts to the

herbs. For most people, larger breasts far outweigh a few

inconvenient side effects.

1. Mood swings. Welcome to womanhood! Being a

woman is all about being emotional and you may

notice your moods going haywire as your hor-

mones adjust. Anxiety, sensitivity, and irritability

5 53 3are fairly common, though much less extreme

than if you were on synthetic hormones. Call a

friend or punch a pillow – just remember that the

feelings will pass and you’ll soon have a great set

of breasts to make it all worthwhile!

2. Tiredness. A few of my readers have complained

of feeling tired or lethargic while using certain

herbs. Fenugreek is the most common culprit,

since it has the effect of lowering blood sugar lev-

els. If you find yourself feeling sluggish, I sug-

gest either lowering your dose of fenugreek or

substituting this herb with something else.

3. Lactation. While this is an uncommon side effect,

increased prolactin does increase the possibility of

milk production. If this is bothersome, you may

want to lower your dose or fenugreek, since this

herb is most effective at stimulating milk produc-



You can’t enlarge your breasts without the right tools, so

a trip to the local health food store should be your first

order of business.

How much is this going to set you back? When you

average everything out, the Flat to Fem Breast

Enlargement Program runs about $50 per month. If that

seems steep, I’d like to remind you that synthetic hor-

mones and breast implants aren’t exactly economical.

Most people find the cost of herbs and supplements to be

a small price to pay for bigger breasts.

The following list includes everything you’ll need to

get started:

5 54 41. 100 red clover capsules: 350-375 mg. per capsule

(Be sure the capsules contain red clover “blos-

soms” only.)

2. 100 fenugreek capsules: 600-620 mg. per capsule

3. 100 saw palmetto capsules: 540-600 mg. per capsule

4. Liquid fenugreek extract: 1-2 ounces

5. Liquid wild yam extract: 1-2 ounces

6. Progesterone USP cream: 2-4 ounces

7. IF YOU ARE OVER AGE 30: 100 GABA cap-

sules: 500-750 mg. per capsule OR 100 grams pow-


When choosing your herbs, remember to look for

quality. The effectiveness of this program depends upon

high quality ingredients. See the Resources section on

page 91 for a list of recommended suppliers.

There are some items that may be hard to locate out-

side of the United States, particularly progesterone USP

cream and GABA. If you can’t find these ingredients, do

your best to follow the rest of the routine without them.

It is still possible to get good results.

You’ll also need some body lotion and, if you don’t

already have them, some pill divider cases to make your

life a little easier.


Timing plays an important role in the effectiveness of the

Flat to Fem Breast Enlargement Program. Due to the

menstrual cycle, a genetic woman’s hormones are con-

stantly rising and falling. You will be mimicking these

fluctuations through the use of progesterone cream.

Women naturally have a higher progesterone level

during the second half of the menstrual cycle, after an

egg has been released to be fertilized. You can duplicate

5 55 5this process by using progesterone cream for one week

out of each month.

This allows your body to get the progesterone it

needs for gland development WITHOUT getting so much

progesterone that the effects of estrogen are inhibited.

To get started, follow the Basic Breast Enlargement

Routine outlined below for a period of four weeks. Later,

I’ll show you how to tweak things if you aren’t getting

the results you need.




• 1 capsule red clover

• 1 capsule fenugreek

• 2 capsules saw palmetto

• Cleavage Cream with 1 dropper wild yam extract

• 360 Chi Massage rotations


• 1 capsule red clover

• 1 capsule fenugreek

• 2 capsules saw palmetto

Before Bed

• 1 capsule red clover

• 1 capsule fenugreek

• 2 capsules saw palmetto

• Cleavage Cream with 1 dropper fenugreek extract

• 360 Chi Massage rotations

• IF YOU ARE OVER AGE 30: 1-2 grams GABA

5 56 6Week 4

• ½ tsp. Progesterone cream twice daily in addition

to your regular routine.

If the herbs you bought come in different dosages,

you may need to adjust the number of capsules you take.

The recommended daily dose for each herb is:

• Red clover – 1,050-1,125 mg./day

• Fenugreek – 1,800-1,860 mg./day

• Saw palmetto – 3,240-3,600 mg./day

At this point, you’re probably dying to dive into

things, but let’s take it slow. By easing herbs into your

system over the course of a few days, you allow your body

to adjust to its new routine. This also makes it easier to

determine if a particular herb is creating problems for

you. Here’s how to get started with the Basic Breast

Enlargement Routine:

Days 1 and 2

1. Start with red clover. Take one capsule three

times daily: in the morning, afternoon, and before


2. Do 360 Chi Massage rotations with Cleavage

Cream twice daily: in the morning and before bed.

Use wild yam extract in the morning and fenu-

greek extract before bed.

3. IF YOU ARE OVER AGE 30: Take 1,000-2,000

mg of GABA once daily: before bed on an empty


5 57 7Days 3 and 4

1. Continue with the routine you established on

Days 1 and 2.

2. Add fenugreek. Take one capsule three times

daily: in the morning, afternoon, and before bed.

Days 5 and Beyond

1. Continue with the routine you established on

Days 3 and 4.

2. Add saw palmetto. Take two capsules three times

daily: in the morning, afternoon, and before bed.

Week 4

After three full weeks, it’s time to add progesterone

cream. Continuing with your regular routine of herbs and

massages, apply ½ teaspoon of progesterone cream to

your inner thighs or wrists twice daily. Do NOT apply it

to your breasts – some people have done this and claimed

it made their breasts shrink! Stop using the cream after

seven days.

If you find that one of the herbs doesn’t agree with

you – or if you just can find a particular herb in your area

– you can substitute it with something else. While saw

palmetto is extremely user-friendly, a few people experi-

ence bloating or moodiness with phytoestrogenic herbs

like red clover or fenugreek. These symptoms are gener-

ally mild and should not disrupt your routine, but feel free

to try one of these substitutions if necessary:

• Instead of red clover, try hops, kudzu, or wild


• Instead of fenugreek, try fennel or licorice. (Just

5 58 8be sure to take a month long break after using

licorice for four weeks.)

Once you get started with the Basic Routine, you’ll

need to stick with it for the duration of Month 1. No

adding herbs or popping extra pills! It won’t help. You

have to be patient and let the herbs kick in before they can

start producing results. Most people experience tingles,

growing pains, and soreness within two to three weeks

and notice their breasts feeling firmer and looking fuller

within a month.

Here are some basic guidelines that can help you get

the most from breast enlargement:


1. Take your herbs every eight hours or so. The

idea here is to have a steady stream of herbs in

your system, so allow about eight hours between

dosages. Take your first dose in the morning, on

an empty stomach, and your last dose at night,

right before bed. Find a good time right in the

middle of the day for your second dose.

2. Take your herbs on an empty stomach. This

seems to aid in the absorption of the active ingre-

dients. For the best results, take your herbs either

half an hour before, or two hours after, any meals.

If the herbs upset your stomach, take them with


3. Avoid taking your herbs with carbonated bev-

erages or caffeine. You don’t have to give up

your Starbucks fix; just let an hour or two pass

before you indulge, so there isn’t any interference

with the herbs.

4. Organize your herbs and supplements. In order

5 59 9to make your life a little easier, I recommend that

you use pill divider cases to store your herbs and

supplements. Opening up all of those pill bottles

three times per day might increase your wrist

muscles, but we’re looking for a different type of

growth here! Save precious boob building time by

using a large divider to store a week’s worth of

herbs and supplements – and a smaller divider to

store your herbs for each day.



1. Don’t wash off the Cleavage Cream. This is

important. After you’ve done the Chi Massage,

you want to let those herbs sink in and do their

thing. If you’re using a non-greasy lotion, it

should dry well enough that you don’t end up a

gooey mess after you put your shirt on. If you’re

still too sticky, use less herbal extract and more

lotion. Let it soak in for a few minutes and wipe

off the excess with a tissue.

2. Avoid the big stink. If you’re including fenu-

greek in your routine, there’s no avoiding the fact

that you’re going to smell funny! One thing that

can help cover it up is peppermint extract, avail-

able in any grocery store. Simply add a few drops

to your Cleavage Cream. You might also want to

use rubber gloves when applying this stuff at

night. Back in my fenugreek days, I discovered

that the extract was soaking into my palms as I

massaged my breasts. The next day, I’d have a

strong maple syrup smell coming from my hands,

no matter how many times I washed them!

(Interestingly enough, my breasts didn’t smell at

6 60 0all.) If this happens to you, I’ve got a little trick:

pour some dry coffee grounds in your hands and

“lather up” as if you were using soap. Do this for

about a minute and then wash your hands. No

more syrup smell!

3. Give your arms a break. Forget about going to

the gym – the Chi Massage will give your arms all

the exercise they need. I find that I can do about

200 rotations before my arms feel like they’re

going to fall off ! For this reason, you might want

to break it up into three sets of 120 rotations and

take a short (minute or so) break between sets.

This also gives the Cleavage Cream more chance

to dry completely.


Needless to say, you’re not going to get very good results

if you constantly forget to take the herbs or skip mas-

sages. While this program doesn’t take much time, it does

require consistency. For this reason, I don’t advise you to

get started during a hectic time like final exams or a job

switch. Clear the decks on your schedule to be sure you

can commit to a daily routine for the next six months or




If you notice one breast growing faster than the other,

you can even out the size difference by concentrate your

massage efforts on the “little girl.” Depending how much

smaller it is, I’d suggest you do an additional 25-100 rota-

tions on that breast each time you do the Chi Massage.

This should help it catch up quickly.

6 61 1If the larger breast continues too fast in proportion

to the smaller one, reduce the number of rotations on that

side. You can slow things down even more by changing

the direction of the Chi Massage rotations on the bigger

breast; instead of rotating that breast in an inward direc-

tion, rotate it outwards as shown below. This technique is

traditionally used to decrease the size of the breasts.


After one full month on the Basic Routine, you should

have experienced soreness, increased fullness, and maybe

even actual growth. Congratulations! You’ve got a routine

that works. Do not add any additional herbs at this point,

since overdoing it can stall your results.

If you did NOT experience soreness or growth, it

means it is time to pump things up. To do this, slowly

increase your dosage of each herb by one capsule per day

until you notice results. Give yourself a week or two to

see how your body responds before adding any additional

herbs. The maximum daily dose (as recommended by most

manufacturers) for each herb is listed below:

• Red clover – 6 capsules (2,100-2,250 mg.)

• Fenugreek – 6 capsules (3,600-3,720 mg.)

• Saw palmetto – 9 capsules (4,860-5,400 mg.)

Don’t forget to use progesterone cream during the

6 62 2fourth week and PLEASE don’t think that the more herbs

you take the faster your breasts will grow. The opposite is

usually true: if you take too many herbs, you risk oversa-

turing your receptors and stalling your results. Stop

increasing your dosages as soon as you notice growing

pains or increased fullness.

Remember to use common sense when using herbs or

any natural remedy; if you have a bad reaction, stop what

you’re doing and speak with your doctor. Allows check

the labels and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, since

the potency of each herb can vary from bottle to bottle.



If you follow my instructions carefully and are consistent

with your routine, I would be VERY surprised if you

don’t notice changes before the end the second month.

However, some breasts are stubborn and it can take up to

three months to see the first signs of growth. How will

you know if you’re on track? You should be experiencing

growing pains, even if you haven’t seen any actual growth


Review these troubleshooting questions if things

seem to be truly stuck:

1. Do you have enough body fat? Don’t forget that

breasts are composed of a certain amount of fatty

tissue – the less fat you have, the less raw ingre-

dients you have available to build new breasts. If

you are on the skinny side, I suggest gaining a

couple pounds.

2. Are you using high-quality herbs? You know

the difference between a ripe, fresh, organically

grown tomato and the waxy supermarket variety,

6 63 3right? The same thing goes for herbs. If you’re

using low-quality herbs, you might not be getting

enough of the active ingredients needed for

breast growth. See the Resources section on page

91 for a list of recommended suppliers.

3. Are you taking your herbs with caffeine or car-

bonation? These things can interfere with the

absorption of the herbs. Remember to allow at

least an hour to pass before drinking coffee or




If you find your results slowing at some point, you may

want to experiment with some of the other breast

enlargement herbs described in Chapter Four. Just be sure

to keep saw palmetto in your routine since it is vital to

keeping your testosterone level down. Here are some sub-

stitutions for you to try:

• Instead of red clover, try hops, wild yam, or


• Instead of fenugreek, try fennel or licorice. (Just

be sure to take a month long break after using

licorice for 4 weeks.)

Follow these guidelines when substituting new

herbs into your breast enlargement routine:

1. Start new herbs gradually so you can isolate any

bad matches.

2. Take no more than three to four different kinds of

herbs at a time.

6 64 43. Never exceed the manufacturer’s recommended


4. Cycle your herbs from time to time since they can

lose their effectiveness when taken for extended

periods of time. (The only exception to this rule

is saw palmetto.)


On the path to big boobdom, it is very helpful to chart

your progress. Let me begin by giving you some words of



Nothing kills breast enlargement dreams faster than

measuring your chest every five minutes. Of course you

are going to get discouraged when things don’t magically

grow before your eyes! Natural breast enlargement takes

time. Ideally, you should only measure your breasts once

per month.


Before getting started, you’ll want to take your “before”

measurements so you can see just how much you’ve

grown. Measure both your bust size and your individual

breast size. Although measuring the circumference of

your bust can help you see the “big picture,” it’s more

accurate to measure each breast individually. This way,

your measurements won’t be thrown off if you gain or

lose weight in the back or sides of the torso.

How To Measure Your Bust

1. Determine your band size. Holding the tape

measure snug, measure across your rib cage, right

6 65 5under the breasts. Add 5” to the number to deter-

mine your band size. (Add 4” to an even number.)

2. Determine your bust size. Holding the tape

measure comfortably (not too tight, not too

loose), measure right across the fullest part of

your bust.

3. Determine your bra size. Subtract your bust size

from your band size to determine your bra size.

The difference in the numbers determines your

cup size:

0”- 1/2” difference = AA cup

1/2” – 1 1/2” = A cup

1 1/2” – 2 1/2” = B cup

2 1/2” – 3 1/2” = C cup

3 1/2” – 4 1/2” = D cup

How To Measure Individual Breast Size

1. Determine your band size. Holding the tape

measure snug, measure across your rib cage, right

under the breasts. Add 5” to the number to deter-

mine your band size. (Add 4” to an even number.)

2. Measure each breast individually.

Using a tape measure, measure from

inside each breast, directly across the

nipple, to the outside of each breast.

3. Determine your bra size. Using your band size

and individual breast measurements, determine

your cup size using the lists below:

For 32” band (27”-28” rib cage):

6” = A cup

7” = B cup

8” = C cup

9” = D cup

6 66 6For 34” band (29”-30” rib cage):

7” = A cup

8” = B cup

9” = C cup

10” = D cup

For 36” band (31”-32” rib cage):

8” = A cup

9” = B cup

10” = C cup

11” = D cup

For 38” band (33”-34” rib cage):

9” = A cup

10” = B cup

11” = C cup

12” = D cup

For 40” band (35”-36” rib cage):

10” = A cup

11” = B cup

12” = C cup

13” = D cup

For 42” band (37”-38” rib cage):

11” = A cup

12” = B cup

13” = C cup

14” = D cup


In addition to taking your measurements, I strongly sug-

gest you photograph your results. You don’t have to

splash them all over the Internet (like yours truly), but

6 67 7pictures do prove that you’ve grown. Natural breast

enlargement is such a gradual process, it can be hard to

see how far you’ve come otherwise.



Finally! After months of effort, you’ve got the breasts

you’ve always wanted. You worked hard for them and now

it’s time to show them off !

The results you gained are permanent and do not

need to be maintained with herbs for the rest of your life.

Many males, however, enjoy having a feminine hormone

balance. This can be maintained by taking a lower dose of

herbs; simply cut back gradually until you are taking the

smallest amount possible.


Now that you have breasts, you also get to experi-

ence another of the joys of womanhood: regular breast

exams! It’s true: regular self exams and mammograms are

as essential for transgender and transsexual women as

they are for genetic women. For more information, please

see the Resources section on page 91.

And now that you know the ins and outs of natural

breast enlargement, you may be motivated to take it to the

next level. In the next chapter, I’ll show you how to pump

up your program for even better results!

6 68 8Let’s face it: natural breast enlargement is no quick fix.

Frankly, I’d take slow, steady progress over painful, risky

surgery any day – but I know how frustrating it can be to

wait for results. That’s why I’d like to offer you a few

ways to speed things up and get the most boob for your


Natural breast enlargement is a holistic process.

That means that everything in your life – from the foods

you eat to the thoughts running through your head – has

an impact on breast development.

If you want to speed things up, I have three sugges-

tions for you:

1. Supercharge your routine.

2. Shape up your diet.

3. Let your mind work for your body.

6 69 9

Enhancing Your Results


When I created the Flat to Fem Breast Enlargement

Program, I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. After

all, what’s the point if you’re spending tons of money and

hours per day on your breasts?

However, for those of you who are super-motivated,

I’ve got a couple extra tricks up my sleeve. These are

advanced tools and techniques that can make a real differ-

ence in your results:


2. Heating pad


You might be familiar with PABA (also known as

para-aminobenzoic acid) as an ingredient in

some sunscreens. It’s true – PABA was the first

sunscreen available on the market in the 1970’s.

PABA is a member of the B-vitamin family.

Your body produces its own PABA in the intes-

tines, but you can also find it in food sources such as: liver,

kidney, brewer’s yeast, molasses, whole grains, mush-

rooms and spinach. PABA plays a role in the formation of

red blood cells; it’s also important for healthy skin and

hair and is even thought to prevent hair loss by protect-

ing the follicles.

But the big news is what PABA can do for your

breasts! When taken internally, PABA acts as a hormone

potentiator; it gently slows the breakdown of hormones

in your body, leading to an overall increase in hormone

levels. PABA is especially effective at increasing female

hormones, as these example reveal:

7 70 01. In one study, sixteen infertile women were given

PABA for three to seven months. The result? 75%

of them ended up getting pregnant!1

2. According to other studies, girls given PABA dur-

ing puberty experienced accelerated growth of

their secondary sex characteristics, including the


3. Many doctors now use PABA with estrogen

replacement therapy to reduce the amount of hor-

mones needed during menopause.3

Supplementing with PABA helps your breasts in two

ways: first, PABA maximizes your own hormones so that

you need fewer herbs to enlarge your breasts. Second, it

actually speeds up the growth process!

How to Use PABA

PABA is a safe and inexpensive nutritional supplement

that can be found in any health food store. A typical

dosage is 500-1,000 mg. per day. Simply follow the manu-

facturer’s instructions on the label.

Possible Side Effects

No serious side effects have been reported when taking

recommended dosages of PABA. An overdose (eight

grams or more) can cause low blood sugar, rash, fever, and

(on rare occasions) liver damage.


Many people have found a heating pad to be a useful addi-

tion to their routines. It can be applied to the breasts after

the Chi Massage to boost circulation and aid in the

7 71 1absorption of Cleavage Cream.

You can find an inexpensive heating pad at your local

drugstore. The best time to use it is at night before bed,

after you’ve done the Chi Massage. Simply lie down and

apply the heating pad to your breasts, over your clothes,

for 15-20 minutes using low or medium heat only. Just be

careful not to fall asleep with the heating pad on, unless it

shuts off automatically.

If your rib cage is fairly narrow, you can probably

get away with a single heating pad. However, if you have

more chest to cover, you’re probably better off using a

heating pad on each breast.


Proper nutrition for a growing body (or growing boobies)

cannot be underestimated. Besides making common-sense

diet choices, there are five things to keep in mind when

eating for bigger breasts:

1. Avoid toxins and second-hand hormones.

2. Consume enough calories.

3. Eat plenty of protein.

4. Reduce sugar and refined carbs.

5. Cut down on alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes.



One of the most important things you can do for your

breasts is steer clear of toxins and second-hand hor-

mones. These hormone disrupters can squash breast

growth and do serious damage to your body. Their secret

hiding place? Your food! The following suggestions can

help you avoid these boobie busters:

7 72 21. Eat organic whenever you can. This instantly

cuts your exposure to pesticides, herbicides, fer-

tilizers, and other hormone-disrupting toxins.

Fruits and veggies aren’t the only organic foods

out there. Look for organic grains, meat, dairy,

and eggs. They’re a little pricier, but the taste and

health benefits can’t be beat.

2. When eating non-organic produce, you can

reduce some (but not all) of the chemicals by

washing it in an acidic bath. Simply add one

tablespoon of vinegar to a bowl of water and soak

your produce for 20-30 minutes. Rinse well before


3. When eating non-organic meat and dairy,

choose low fat varieties. Toxins tend to settle in

fat deposits.

4. Avoid storing food in plastic containers and

never heat food in plastic. Plastic is a major

source of hormone disrupting toxins. Some of the

chemicals that keep plastics flexible can easily

pass from the container into your food.

5. Filter your drinking water. Ordinary tap water

is full of chemicals, such as chlorine and fluoride.

Use a water filter made from stainless steel,

rather than plastic.


Besides eating good, healthy food – you have to

be sure you’re eating enough of it! Diets and

breast enlargement don’t mix. I suggest you

give yourself permission to eat while you’re

on this journey – and enjoy it! If you’re con-

cerned about weight gain, get your calories

7 73 3from fruits, veggies, lean proteins, healthy fats, and whole

grains – instead of junk food.


High quality protein is a must for growing breasts.

Protein supports breast enlargement in several ways:

1. Protein is the only substance that rebuilds the

body. Protein building blocks,

known as amino acids, combine to

form skin, muscles, bone, teeth,

organs … and boobies! Protein is the cell (and

breast) builder.

2. Protein helps keep blood sugar levels steady,

slowing the release of insulin. Because protein

is a complex substance, it is digested and released

into the blood stream slowly. Refined carbs, on the

other hand, are digested and released into the

blood stream almost immediately, causing that

insulin spike that is so deadly to breast growth.

3. Protein has a diuretic effect. If some breast

enlargement herbs cause you to retain water,

you’ll definitely want to up your intake of pro-

tein. Protein acts like a sponge to absorb excess

fluid from the cells, while carbs tend to increase


Because your body does not store protein, you have

to eat plenty of it each day. Here are some guidelines to


1. Eat protein with every meal. Instead of worry-

ing about protein versus carb grams, just make

sure you are eating plenty of high quality protein

7 74 4with each meal. A good rule of thumb is to eat a

palm-size portion of protein each time you sit

down to eat.

2. Choose high-quality protein. Yes, three Big

Macs per day give you plenty of protein, but is

that really what you want to put in your body?

Needless to say, the better the quality of your

protein, the more benefit you’ll get from it. Eggs

and fish are two of the best protein sources. Just

like seeds, eggs are germinative foods, meaning

they contain all the nutrients necessary for

growth. Also, the protein in eggs comes closest to

matching the protein pattern best used by the

body.4 Fatty fish – like mackerel, lake trout, her-

ring, sardines, albacore tuna and salmon – are

great sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, which are

essential to the body and sadly lacking in most of


3. Choose organic proteins whenever possible. It

is now quite common to find organic meat, eggs,

and dairy products at your local grocer. You can

also look for clean, high quality protein at health

food stores and farmer’s markets.

4. Avoid soy protein. Since soy is so hard to digest,

your body can’t make good use of the protein it

contains.5 Also, the vast majority (81%) of all

soybeans grown in the U.S. are now genetically

modified.6 If you still want to include soy in your

diet, choose non-genetically modified, fermented

foods like miso, tempeh, and natto. They’re easier

to digest and safer to eat.


By now, you know that you have to cut down on sugar and

7 75 5refined carbs to give your breasts a fighting chance – but

it ain’t always easy to say “no” to chocolate. Don’t give it

up completely; just keep things balanced. Try these tips if

cravings are getting the best of you:

1. Always eat carbs with protein. Protein slows

down the release of sugar into the bloodstream,

keeping blood sugar levels steady and preventing

a violent surge of insulin. Of course, the more

protein you eat in relation to carbs, the more sta-

ble your blood sugar levels will be.

2. Eat a good breakfast with protein. From per-

sonal experience, I have found this to be the #1

way to combat late afternoon and evening carb

cravings. If you start the day with coffee and

donuts, your blood sugar levels are going to be

swinging up and down from morning till night.

Instead, eat a solid, protein-based breakfast to get

a healthy start on the day.

3. Try fruit first. Craving something sweet? Go for

fruit; it contains fiber, vitamins, and minerals,

instead of only empty calories. Also, the sugar

that’s in fruit, fructose, does not cause the same

blood sugar spikes caused by refined sugar.



No, I’m not suggesting you trade in your martini for a

rosary – I’m just reminding you that a little moderation

goes a long way for bigger breasts.


A glass of wine or beer once a week won’t do much harm

7 76 6to your breast enlargement efforts, but excessive con-

sumption can. How?

1. Alcohol increases the production of dopamine.

Dopamine is that feel-good chemical located in

your brain that also happens to suppress the pro-

duction of prolactin.7

2. Alcohol is pure sugar. To avoid an insulin over-

load, have a protein snack before drinking to

buffer the effects of alcohol.

That said, some people have found one to two hops-

filled beers per week to be beneficial for breast growth.


While a cappuccino-a-day fix shouldn’t interfere with

your breast enlargement efforts, be careful not to overdo

the caffeine. It inhibits breast growth in two ways:

1. Caffeine increases the production of dopamine.8

2. Caffeine increases insulin levels.9

Also, remember to take your herbs at least an hour

before or after drinking caffeinated beverages – otherwise,

the herbs could be rendered useless.


There is really no way around it: cigarettes are just about

the worst thing you can do for your body and your

breasts. I am not going to preach, but I do suggest you

give some thought to cutting down or quitting. Cigarettes

can definitely reduce the effectiveness of this program,

which could make the whole thing a waste of time and

money. If you need a little more convincing, read on:

7 77 71. Cigarettes increase the production of dopamine.10

2. Cigarettes impair blood circulation, which can

drastically reduce the effectiveness of your breast

enlargement efforts. Don’t forget that growing

breasts require strong circulation to build new

tissue and make use of the herbs and supplements

you ingest.



It might seem like your mind and body are separate, but in

reality, they are intimately connected. Your mind, your

thoughts, and your attitude can all help determine the

kind of success you get from this program.

The mind-body connection is no longer some kind of

“new-age” concept. Many doctors and researchers

acknowledge that our minds can impact the health and

functioning of our bodies. How else can you explain the

placebo effect – in which dramatic, documented healings

occur for no reason other than the power of belief ?

If you love your body and expect your breasts to

grow, you will produce much better results than if you

constantly curse your flat chest and feel hopeless about

the whole thing. There are two big ways you can get your

mind working on behalf of your body:

1. Respect your body and your breasts.

2. Use the power of your imagination.



For many years, I absolutely HATED my breasts! I hated

their size, shape, and appearance; I couldn’t stand looking

7 78 8in the mirror; and I would’ve done anything to trade them

in for a new set.

Finally, I realized my mental battles weren’t getting

me anywhere, so I gave it up. Interestingly enough, that’s

when things started to change. Not only did my breasts

grow after years failed effort, I dropped ten pounds with-

out trying! Now I am convinced that loving your body is

the key to improving it.

While it might not be easy to suddenly embrace your

flat chest, I’ve got a few suggestions on how to call a truce

and start treating your body with a little kindness:

1. Talk to your breasts. Okay, I know it sounds

cheesy, but you might just have to sit down and

have a talk with your breasts. Believe it or not,

Rickie Lake once featured a woman who “talked”

her breasts into growing again! Why not start by

apologizing to your breasts for calling them so

many mean names over the years?

2. Give your body some pampering. I’m sure your

body doesn’t like sitting in front of a computer

for eight hours per day, or being squeezed into a

pair of too-tight stilettos. Give it some love by

doing things that make your body feel great. My

personal favorites are getting massages and pedi-

cures, soaking in a bathtub, and wearing cozy slip-


3. Give your breasts a treat. During my flat chest

days, I used to wear the rattiest bras imaginable. I

figured, since nobody was going to see my

breasts, it didn’t matter what I wore. Well, this

was also sending a message to my breasts that

said, “I hate you!” Even before you reach your

goals, you should still treat your breasts to some-

thing special. This could be a nice bra, a pretty

top, or some delicious-smelling lotion.



It might seem very hard to believe, but there are numer-

ous studies that have shown that we have serious “mind

control” over our breasts! Dr. Susan Love, author of the

best-selling Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book, describes how

hypnosis and visual imagery have proven to be one alter-

native to breast implants. In one study, volunteers were

put into a state of deep relaxation and told to visualize

their breasts growing. They did this once per day. At the

end of the 12-week study, half the women had to buy big-

ger bras!11 In another study, 13 volunteers averaged an

increase of 2.11” after being hypnotized with breast-

enlargement suggestions for 12 weeks.12

While this clearly demonstrates the power of the

mind over the breasts, I’ve found that hypnosis and visu-

alization are most effective when combined with the tech-

niques outlined in this book. Hypnosis alone did not cre-

ate permanent results for me. (And believe me, I tried!)

But it can speed things up when used in conjunction with

herbs and massage.

Some people are a little concerned that hypnosis is a

form of “brain-washing.” Don’t worry – hypnosis won’t

make you dance around like a chicken. Hypnosis is noth-

ing more than a relaxed state of mind that makes it easy

for your subconscious mind to accept suggestions. You

remain in full control at all times.

The down side to hypnosis is that it is quite time

consuming. In order to get results, you have to listen to

hypnosis tapes thirty minutes to one hour per day. There

are numerous hypnosis programs for breast enlargement

available on the Internet. I’ve listed a couple good ones in

the Resources section on page 91.


If this seems like a lot of information, relax. Apply what

you can and don’t worry about the rest. Natural breast

enlargement is a major undertaking and you shouldn’t

disrupt your lifestyle too much when you get started.

Otherwise, you’ll be tempted to abandon the whole thing.

The basic rule is this: the more healthy and balanced

you are in mind and body, the more your breasts will

respond and grow. Therefore, just take whatever small

steps you can towards greater health each day. Don’t for-

get to have fun with it! It’s not like bigger breasts are

going to save the world. If it’s not fun, what’s the point?

8 81 1Does the Flat to Fem Breast Enlargement Program

work for everybody?

No. While my program works for the vast majority (97%)

of all people who try it, nothing works for everybody.

Your age, weight, and genetics will determine your final


How much can I expect to grow?

Males and transgender and transsexual females under the

age of 25 may be able to increase their breasts by more

than two cup sizes, while “older folks” usually gain one or

two cup sizes. Growth of more than three cup sizes

through hormonal means has been reported, but this is

the exception, not the norm..

How long will it take for me to see results?

Most people notice increased fullness within three or four

8 82 2

Frequently Asked


CHAPTER SEVENweeks and have measurable growth within two months.

Just like during puberty, breast enlargement takes time.

Complete breast development can take up to two years.

How does natural breast enlargement work?

Well, it ain’t magic! Natural breast enlargement works by

targeting the breasts and duplicating the hormonal condi-

tions of an adolescent girl.

Will this have any other feminizing effects besides

breast enlargement?

As your testosterone level decreases, you may find your-

self feeling less aggressive and more emotional than nor-

mal. Your hair may become thicker and you may notice a

decrease in acne. It is also possible that some fat from

your abdomen may be redistributed to your hips and

behind. These effects do not happen to everybody.

Will my nipples also get bigger as I enlarge my


Yes; however, the exact degree of enlargement depends

upon your age. The younger you begin breast enlarge-

ment, the more your nipples and areolas will grow.

Will my results be permanent?

Yes! The Flat to Fem Breast Enlargement Program was

designed to encourage the same permanent breast growth

that naturally occurs during puberty. You will NOT have

to maintain your results with herbs or hormones once you

have achieved the results you desire.

8 83 3I’m 16. Can I use your program?

Please get a doctor’s permission before using the Flat to

Fem Breast Enlargement Program if you are under the

age of 18.

My breasts are growing at different rates and now one

is bigger than the other! What can I do?

This is a common occurrence in both men and women.

Your breasts should eventually even out, though you can

speed up the process by concentrating your massage

efforts on the smaller breast. See page 61 for more details.

I’ve been feeling tired sluggish since I started your

program. What’s going on?

The culprit is probably fenugreek. This herb can lower

blood sugar levels, which can lead to sluggishness or

mood swings in sensitive people. Try using fennel instead.

Are there any other side effects associated with natu-

ral breast enlargement?

Compared to synthetic hormones, the herbs, supplements,

and massage techniques described in this book are very

safe and have few side effects. It is possible that you may

notice yourself feeling more emotional than normal, espe-

cially when getting started. Some people notice a small

amount of lactation, but this is rare.

Will my sex drive be affected?

It is possible that a lower testosterone level could affect

your libido. Fortunately, this effect is much less severe

8 84 4with herbs than with synthetic hormones and should dis-

appear as soon as you’ve discontinued the program.

Will your program will make me impotent?

I have not found any evidence that suggests that the herbs

or techniques included in my program cause impotence.

Will using your program cause my penis to shrink?

No; there have been absolutely no reports of penis shrink-

age from males who’ve used my program.

Is natural breast enlargement safe?

Yes – in fact, that was my primary concern when putting

together this program. The herbs, supplements, and tech-

niques described in this book have been used safely for

hundreds of years. Nonetheless, you should always follow

the safety guidelines outlined in this book and speak with

your doctor if you have any kind of medical condition or


Are there any medical problems that would prohibit a

person from using these techniques?

This is something you need to discuss with your doctor. If

you have ANY kind of medical condition, speak with your

doctor before using the herbs, supplements, or techniques

included in this program.

I’ve heard that increased estrogen can cause breast

cancer. Do the herbs described in this book cause can-


In all my research, I have not found any evidence that

8 85 5suggests that the herbs outlined in this book are linked to

cancer. Studies have shown that many phytoestrogenic

herbs actually have anti-cancer properties. For example,

Japanese women – who consume thirty times more phy-

toestrogens than Western women – have some of the low-

est breast cancer rates in the world. Furthermore, phy-

toestrogens can actually LOWER estrogen levels if they

are too high. Since your body has a limited number of

estrogen receptors – and since phytoestrogens are much

weaker than natural or synthetic estrogen – increased

phytoestrogens often lead to decreased estrogen levels.

Nonetheless, I suggest you speak with your doctor if you

have any concerns about the safety of this program. I do

not recommend using this program (or any other form of

breast enlargement) if you have a history of breast can-


Are there any medications that should not be used

with the Flat to Fem Breast Enlargement Program?

If you are taking ANY kind of prescriptive medicine,

please speak with your doctor or pharmacist before using

the herbs or supplements included in this program.

Can I use this program if I am already on synthetic


The techniques described in this book may enhance the

results you’re already getting, but you should speak with

your doctor before combining herbs and hormones.

Will vitamins or nutritional supplements interfere

with this program?

No, it should not be a problem to combine vitamins or

8 86 6nutritional supplements with the herbs included in this


I am taking an herbal weight loss supplement. Will

this interfere with my results?

Possibly. Many weight loss supplements contain stimu-

lants that can interfere with the effectiveness of breast

enlargement herbs.

Does your program also work for genetic women?

Of course! For the original version of this book, please

visit: http://www.flat2fab.com.

8 87 78 88 8

Now I think I know how a teacher feels

watching her class graduate at the end of

the school year: excited for her students,

but a little sad at the same time. As this

book comes to a close, I am thrilled about

the new body you have to look forward to, but I am also

sorry it’s time to say good-bye!

Correction: I hope this isn’t good-bye. I hope you’ll

keep in touch and let me know how things are progress-

ing for you!

I have a feeling that you’re going to discover that the

Flat to Fem Breast Enlargement Program is about a lot

more than just boobs! It’s also about taking good care of

yourself, listening to your body, and discovering the fem-

ininity within you.

In many ways, the journey has only just begun!

So, my parting advice is this: feel beautiful, have fun,

and enjoy your breasts no matter what size they are.

They’re all beautiful! If that sounds sappy, let me

rephrase that. Either way, your breasts are going to be

Beyond Breast



saggy and shriveled when you hit 80, so enjoy ‘em while

you got ‘em. Now, get out there and be outrageous!



When choosing breast enlargement herbs, look for quali-

ty. Brands that I can personally vouch for include:

Greenbush, Dr. Christopher’s, Nature’s Way, Nature’s

Answer, Solaray, and Solgar. These herbs are readily

available online or in most health food stores.



Greenbush Herbs


Greenbush is one of the best sources of herbs online,

offering quick shipping and excellent customer service.

While Greenbush doesn’t stock every herb described in

this book, they do carry high quality fenugreek, fennel,

wild yam, saw palmetto, and red clover capsules and liq-

uid extracts. If you decide to use their “Enhancement

Blend” (probably the only breast enlargement blend out

there that I can recommend), you may need to supplement

with additional saw palmetto.

9 90 0

ResourcesGreenbush Herbs International


This is Greenbush’s international site. They offer

International Express shipping (5-7 days) to most coun-

tries outside of the United States.

Botanical Beauty Lab


The Botanical Beauty Lab is a treasure trove of informa-

tion for natural breast enlargement, weight loss, anti-

aging, and skincare. You can also find great deals on

breast enlargement herbs and “bovine ovary” – another

effective ingredient for breast enlargement.

The Vitamin Shoppe


The Vitamin Shoppe carries absolutely every herb,

extract, and supplement you need to get started – and the

prices are great. If you don’t have a store near you, visit

the website to make a purchase.




Internatural is another good online resource for the herbs

and supplements you need to get started. They carry Dr.

Christopher’s herbs, which are high quality, certified

organic herbs. I’ve placed numerous orders with

Internatural and have always been pleased with the quick



Wendi Friesen


Of all the hypnosis programs out there, Wendi’s are my

favorites. Her Breast Enlargement with Hypnosis program is

$99 and comes with a one-year guarantee. It may be worth

the investment if you’re serious about speeding up your


The Body Contouring Programme


If you prefer listening to a man’s voice, you might like the

Body Contouring Programme. I’ve used this program and

was pleased with the quality of the recording. The price

is comparable ($89) and also comes with a guarantee.



The Crossdressing Guide


Learn how to crossdress and pass as a genetic woman

from the most comprehensive guide on the web.

Transgender Forum


A news and information source for crossdressers, trans-

vestites, transsexuals, transgendered people, and their

family and friends.

9 92 2The Transgender Guide


A national directory of transgender resources, informa-

tion and services for the TG community. A friendly place

to explore issues, make friends, share tips and tricks and

much more.

Susan’s Place


A support resource for the transgendered community. A

wealth of information, articles, links, site ratings and

reviews, message boards, chat, and more.

Transsexual Road Map


Free consumer information and advice for transsexual

women. 1,600 pages of free original content to help those

who can’t afford to pay.




Breast cancer information and support. Free booklets, pic-

tures and diagrams, current research, breast cancer signs

and symptoms, discussion boards and more.


The Crossdressing Guide

Learn how to crossdress and pass as a genetic woman

from the most comprehensive guide on the web.

Hair Loss No More

Learn how to stop hair loss now and strengthen, restore,

and revitalize thinning hair naturally.

Hollywood Makeup Secrets

Beauty secrets you won’t find anywhere else on the inter-


Mole, Wart, and Skin Tag Free in 3 Days

All natural cure for removing moles and warts in just 3


Acne Free in 3 Days

All natural cure for stopping acne in just 3 days!

Cold Sore Freedom in 3 Days

All natural cure for stopping cold sores in 3 days!

Skin Lightening Report

Learn how to get rid of melasma, freckles, hyperpigmen-

tation, skin discolorations and other pigment problems



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