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The Art of Domination

The world of Domination is an exciting place to play in if you know how to get around.

Welcome to a World of Domination

The unique world of BDSM is becoming a sought out type of adult play that the world is wanting to learn more about. There are many different aspects into this type of play. Anyone that is wanting to learn more about domination or how to be a better Dom can benefit from all of the questions that will be asked. Even if you already practice this type of play, you might learn some new tips that will help your BDSM become even spicier.

How To Get Started

First, let’s learn more about becoming a dominant person. There are certain rules that need to be set right from the start. Many people do not understand that being a dominant role in your relationship does have boundaries. When you decide that you would like to be the Dom or dominatrix in your relationship, you need to understand that you are taking a position of authority. This doesn’t mean it is a free for all, but you will need to still respect the submissive person’s boundaries.

A safe word is a great way to ensure that your submissive person in your play time knows that while they are still in a submissive state, they also do not need to do something they are not comfortable with. One way to make sure that your domming play goes well is by having a conversation prior to the actual activities. You need to remember that your submissive play partner is going to be in a vulnerable position, therefore there needs to be trust and also controlled play. This will make your BDSM experience better, but you will be able to establish a connection that goes deep when you start practicing BDSM.

Types of Domination

This is really an interesting topic, because there are so many different types of domination and lifestyles. For some people domination becomes a lifestyle choice with their partner. This can involve domination of everything from the time a person gets up until they go to bed. Or, this can become a new exciting way of spicing up adult playtime. For example, a couple can lead relatively normal lives, but on the weekends – a BDSM party can be something that they like to explore. The best way to explore how you would like to have domination and submission as well into your life is by taking the time to figure out what works for your partner.

For newbies, a great way to decide if domination is something you would like to try out is by going and visiting a dominatrix or Dom. You can discuss with this person prior to a visit what you are looking to experience and what you are trying to get out of the whole BDSM world. Experienced dom’s will be able to help you get closer to your goals, but also keep you in a safe environment. Many individuals that are looking to get started in the BDSM world find this to be a great way to help them learn how to become a Dom.

Is Pain Involved?

This is really a great question. The hard-core individuals that enjoy being flogged, spanked, or having restricting devices placed on different parts of the body really do get off on the pain. Of course, during this type of play time, there always is a safe word in place. That has to be one of the most important aspects of any type of dominant play. For those who are into less painful play, individuals can get turned on by being demeaned or having to do some type of action like licking the bottoms of their Dom’s feet. This is just a few simple actions that sub’s can do.

If it is a lifestyle choice to be a submissive, your Dom can instruct you to clean the house or even do dishes as a punishment. There are so many different ways your Dom can make you feel submissive. A strict Dom can speak to a submissive with a stern tone that will make a submissive not only feel pathetic, but the submissive can also become turned on by this type of action.

Not all BDSM involves pain, but it is very crucial to discuss with your Dom what type of activities turn you on. Even if you feel like it sounds ridiculous or silly, you need to be up front with your Dom, so that all of your BDSM playtime is rewarding for both parties.

The Attitude of a Dom

When you decide to take on the role of a Dom, you must be ready for what is to be expected of you. When a submissive is in front of you, they expect you to run the show. You need to always have a very strong stern voice when you are giving out instructions. In some cases, you may find that your submissive partner prefers you to yell at them. You also need to make eye contact while you are giving out your instructions.

Another interesting part about being a Dom is that you need to almost appear that you are mad or angry. Your body language needs to be very strong as though you are ready to take control of your sub’s body. Even if you do not plan on doing that, you want your submissive to feel as though they are completely under your control.

Expect the unexpected. Mistakes do happen from time to time in regards to forgetting a safe word or perhaps you do not check on your sub enough. Also, if you have a partner that is into hard-core activities, you want to be sure that after playtime is over – you do ask if they are okay. This does not make you less of a Dom, this makes you a caring person.

Navigating the BDSM World

There is no handbook when it comes to the wild world of BDSM. The most important thing you can do is be sure that you respect boundaries and that you almost have a preset guideline to follow. When you become comfortable with your submissive partner, you will be able to dig deeper and have a better connection of how your sub likes to play.