This is a group for bbc sluts seeking hot black men to sexually serve and a place for hot black men to browse and choose sluts that best fit their sexual needs and tastes. Potential sluts are to introduce themselves, state what they are looking for and what sexual services they wish to offer to a hot black men/men and what your limits are, if any. Black men may also introduce themselves and advertise exactly what they are looking for and what they expect from a potential slut.

WantUrKink 53M
Appleton, Wisconsin

Need IT (but seldom find it) in Fox Cities, Wisconsin (USA)

By: WantUrKink 53M | Appleton, Wisconsin
OK, I'm brand new to this Group, quite new to WoK, don't fully understand how Groups work here & don't fully understand what's allowed & disallowed.  But I'll try not to be nervous or embarrassed writing the 1st post here in a Group that is not my own 🙄  From my very 1st sexual encounter with a Black Man, before He had His clothes halfway off, I'd was a firm believer in Black Superiority & the BNWO.  Ever since, it seems like finding BBCs to service & pleasure is always on my mind.  That's why I consider myself a "BBC slut".  Sadly, i live in a locale that's way too white (not talkin' snow).  Each BBC I'm blessed to be with is a rare & precious gift.  I KNOW, even in my pale backwater, there are more Black Alphas out there that might enjoy the services of a very sub white boi (especially one who enjoys serving Them as much as I do).  But I don't know where to look/"advertise".  The typical sites/apps/etc. that work OK for hooking up with white guys (or, for that matter, Latinos, Asians, etc.) (e.g. Grindr, DoubleList, A4A, etc.) just aren't nearly as productive (at least for me) for BBCs.  What's a constantly-horny, submissive, JoS, white boi to do?!?  Is there some "magic" site, app or place in town I'm unaware of??  Any guidance, hints or even wild ideas would be much appreciated.  -Lonely in Appleton

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Created:Apr 09, 2023

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