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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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By: TONY_TABOO 54M | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I hooked up with a really hot dude, about my age.  Turned out he was a former Olympic athleate , so his body was still perfect and by far one of the few guys I've met who was as open about his kink/perv/taboo leanings as me. 

Then, one night after many hours of ___g-fueled/sleazy motel perving together, he stops, turns to me and asks, "what do you want from Wendy's?"  I looked at him blankly, with a "huh?" 

So he says, "my girlfiends on her way over.  She's stopping by Wendy's to pick us up some food."  For the first time that evening my mouth hung open and without a dick in it.  I stammered out a basic "umm, cheeseburger, sm. fries. 
A bit later... knock at the door.  I have to "unmount" him and he opens it.  In walks a younger chic.  They great each other familiarly, he grabs two bags; tosses one to me and he digs in.  So I follow... both he and I still standing there, naked, me with a big boner, in front of a strange woman, who... BTW... took notice of my dick, with a polite smile, then went back to eating and chatting with him. 

When he finished... he took care of her "party substance wants" and re-assumed his previous position... I remounted and tied again with him, and she plopped down next to us and casually observed... and then she fell-out.  I mean... in a nice way. 

I, of course, wasn't expecting an audience.  I quickly figured out he'd brief and shared the context of his and my texts prior to meeting.  So, she was fully privy to everything I got... and it didn't phase her a bit.  

After about an hour or so of more perving with him... the urge finally, and quickly hit me.  I dismounted... he got up and faced me, dick-to-dick and I blew a wad coating his.
To my astonishment... he immedinly, turned, pulled up her dress (she was still out at this time), and ... proceded to copulate with her ... with his dick dripping with my fresh cum.  
We had a great time that night.  I left, went home and thought, "oh shit... am I gonna get a call in 6 weeks telling me that ... I'm expecting?"  Ugh.  I later found out she'd been tied already.  
Anyway, when I met to play with both of them again, she confided in me that when he told her all that had gone on while she was "resting" and what he with with my... and her...  she said everytime she thought about it she had to masterbate.
So... I'm looking for that kinda guy/girl dynamic.  Doesn't have to be exact, but open, friendly, non-judgmental and, of course, experimental, curious and welcoming.
Since then, I've had a couple encounters with bi-dudes.  Some leaned more gay, some more straight.  Always nice when they have a female friend with benefits who's also likes two guys, as well as watching two guys.  I'm in Philly at the moment.  Hoping someone's local.  HMU!

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Created:Feb 07, 2023

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