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Miss Nikki
Miss Nikki 50F
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Being the Tortoise in the Race

By: Miss Nikki 50F | Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
If you're like me, you entered the lifestyle with eagerness and excitement. I'm sure from the outside looking in, I was too eager. This would probably explain why It took a few years before I found my first. As we all know,, you never find it when you're looking for it. Relationships happen when you least expect it. Be that as it may, a fresh new slew of people enter the lifestyle daily. I try not to judge, and remember that I was once there too.
Just as there are people that are eager to push limits, the eager ones looking for their mate, are in some imaginary race. Let me clarify, this is no race. If it were a race, you would want to be the tortoise. Discovering who you are, and what you want takes time. You will get there eventually. Rushing to get there means you won't fully enjoy the journey. You also risk possibly finding someone for the wrong reasons
Slow down and smell the roses along the way. What do you think you're going to miss?
Do you think you have a time limit and finding a soulmate?
Are you pushing so hard to have it, that you don't pay attention to who they really are?
Are you so eager to get it that you ignore the red flags?
In the beginning, I had a slave who once visited me on the way to meet her master in England. They had been carrying on a relationship online for a few years I remember thinking if I had to wait that long that I would surely give up. She said to me, upon recognizing my eagerness, that I must feel like I'm special. It had taken her years to find the one that she wanted to be with. She also asked me Why I thought I could enter the lifestyle and find someone immediately? How counter productive is that?
I gave it much thought, and came to the conclusion that she made a good point.
Food for thought...
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Created:Nov 11, 2022

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