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tical27 45M
New Haven, Connecticut

You like it dirty

By: tical27 45M | New Haven, Connecticut
I rip your panties from your waist,
put my tongue in, i have taste you.
Lick you fast and lick you good.
Like that don't you?
You knew i would.
Strip your body, bare your tits,
pinch your nipples, mmm that's it.
Lick your pussy, do it slow.
Flick on your clit,
Til you cum starts to flow.
Spread your pussy, kiss your lips,
Just like that, and tweak your nips.
you like the way i make you moan,
yo'll suck me later,
Until i groan.
Push my finger all the way in,
Pull it out and in again.
Faster and deeper you want it to go,
Make you cum,
You want to blow.
Moan and shake as your orgasm peaks,
Switch you places, it's my dick that you seek.
You grab my boxers, let my cock spring loose,
Pull them to my ankles,
Use your lips as a noose.
You suck and lick and you slick it with spit,
Suck on the tip, sucking more bit by bit.
Moaning and bobbing your head on my cock,
Picking up rythm,
Your hips start to rock.
Play with my balls, roll them around,
Suck my cock deeper when i push your head down.
Sucking it faster, i pick up the pace,
Shoot my load,
All over your face.
Mmm, I like it just like that,
I am so fuckin nasty, that's a fact.
You want me to fuck you so hard that you scream,
Fuck you faster,
Make you cream.
Shove that big cock into your little hole,
Fuck you hard so your tits roll.
Flip you over, fuck you doggy style,
You like it this way,
Make it last a while.
Grab you by the tits and fuck even quicker,
Fuck you hard, fuck you fast
Til i own cum gets thicker.
Push deep inside, give you some more,
Cum in your pussy,
Make you sore.
You love how i fuck, my quench your pussy's thirst.
I'll want some more later, but you get to sleep first.

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Created:Nov 26, 2022

Last comment:Aug 28, 2023


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DiscreetFunn 44F
Denver, Colorado

My Transformation

By: DiscreetFunn 44F | Denver, Colorado
Hi to everyone on WOK. I am a 43-year-old woman who has spent a great deal of my adult life as a man. About 8 years ago I began a journey to make myself more feminine, I had just come out of a long-term relationship and I was not happy with who I was.
I had always had a breast fetish, I did like breasts but I actually wanted to grow my own, I had a feeling they were missing from my body. It was all very strange for me but after looking online I came across an interesting site where people were using natural supplements and various other methods to enlarge and grow breasts. After doing much research I started my journey down this road using various supplements and breast pumps.

Things became very apparent early on that i was responding well to the methods i was using but i realised there was some thing else going on. I was not expecting much at all to happen if i am totally honest with myself. So when i started to develop breasts i took a huge step and visited my doctor, i was a little worried at what was happening and i was confused. But one side of me was wanting this even more and it was a difficult time.

To cut a very long story short i was first diagnosed with a hormone condition that was dormant, the supplements i was taken had made my condition become active, i had become immune to testosterone, the receptors in my body for some reason could not absorb it any longer. If anyone knows anything about this kind of things you will know that excess hormones in the bloodstream get converted to either estrogen or testosterone, thats why men and women have small amounts of the opposite sex hormone, this is healthy and normal. But for me all my testosterone was now being converted naturally into estrogen.

This went on for a few years, i was in and out of hospitals and it was a strain on me, however, i was comfortable with the changes as time went on.

I have been living as a woman for many years now and life has had its ups and downs as it does for many of us.

So here I am on what looks like an amazing site and I must admit I do have many kinks that I am hoping to explore here.
I am mainly looking for friendship and maybe a relationship with a man or woman if that happens.

So please feel free to message me any time.

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Created:Apr 03, 2023

Last comment:Aug 04, 2023


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