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FullSwallow 59M
Navarre, Florida

Sucking Random Cocks

By: FullSwallow 59M | Navarre, Florida
An impromptu trip to Baldwin County Al , lead to a wonderful day of serving, sucking and swallowing the cum of many. I placed on ad in Double List:
"Oral provider in need of feeding"
"Blow bang today , Warm, wet, willing and hungry, Full completion, down the hatch. R I M. Dedicated, discreet, BBC, twinks, shaved++, no one refused. Hosting Fairhope. Discreet, DDF, drama free…you be too."
Uncharacteristically the response was amazing...a steady stream of men starting around 7am and continuing until about 2pm. My desires over ruled my caution,  and hesitation, my room becoming a revolving door of nameless men with only one use my mouth for there personal pleasure, a mere receptical for 
their cum. The thought was addicting, my hunger uncontrolled, the fulfillment of something that I had fantasized of many be a true sub cum suddenly evolving into reality. 

The needs of each men unique to them...from slow passionate cock worship to extended deep throat, wet and sloppy worship, deep rim, to intense throat fucking, with gaging and choking. From a 20 year old ship worker, to a 63 year lawyer, a five inch cock to a 9 inch black masterpiece, a thin mouthful of liquid to a thick ejaculation of sperm jam...everyone taken without question and each swallow intensifying my cravings.
By 2pm I had swallowed the cum of 9 mouth earning their moans, my skills resulting in their cocks pulsing, jerking, and convulsing..and filling my warm mouth continually until their balls were dry, empty & spent. I followed each ones orders, swallowing, gargling, or drooling their sperm to comply with their wishes. I love to be submissive to eaches requests.

As my room finally emptied, I relished the satisfaction,  the aftertaste and the residue of evidence of my actions. I had no regrets and now look forward to a plentiful evening and early AM. I'm open for any cock that wants my mouth. 

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Created:Feb 18, 2024

Last comment:Feb 19, 2024


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