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Asseeter 48M
Peoria, Arizona

Sexy librarian Code 77

By: Asseeter 48M | Peoria, Arizona

2 friends, one thinks anal is vile, disgusting & wants no part of it Ever. The other friend happens to love anal & never seems to tire of it. EVER. They happen to be husband & wife & I happened to learn all this in one day while the TV was on I told dude the hot girl on screen has an ass I would eat all day He looked at me as if that was the most horrific thing he ever heard..... I was like 🀷‍♂️I really like a dirty slut that will take it in the ass.. 🀷‍♂️no biggie.. on to other random Bla-bla-bla.
As I was leaving his meek librarian-looking wife brought my lighter to me as I was getting in my car. The lighter she had intentionally kept to bring to me so she could tell me as she approached, she over-heard what I said & could she come see me when her hubby leaves town in a couple of days. she quickly handed me my lighter & was already several steps away when she yelled over her shoulder k See ya later ... um ...? Was that what I thought it was..? ... no... I'm just a perv & she was degrading me . .. Sara isn't ..just is NOT that type of girl... ...WRONG ! .. 2 days later she shows up at my place with a Bottle of wine & bag full of dildos vibrators lube and & batteries.. then asked if she could shower real quick before we got started. Telling me how long it's been since she's had anal & when she heard me say how much I love dirty anal sluts, It seemed it.was already a done deal.
Miss "prudish librarian" came out of the shower towel around her waist, hair down & sporting an amazing set of tits that she has kept well hidden from public. She dropped the towel raised her arms & presented herself with a little twirl & big smile. Well, what do you think..? Want to shower off too? Yes. Yes. YES & YESSS! & Where the hell did you suddenly find those TITS!? (never judge a book)
I returned to the bedroom after the fastest shower in history to find her, legs open, a foot on the floor, the other on the bed rail & vibrator at work. I hope you don't mind I started without you?

BOINGGG! * I see you don't she said smiling & reaching to pull me towards her. I was thinking the same thing ya'll are rt now- this isn't true.. . No chit-chat no flirting, no wine yet, straight to the middle of the bed head down ass up & said "I'm ready🎢" a kiss on one side of her hole one other then I started to kiss her tight puckering ass hole like a horney teenager making out on prom night πŸ‘…πŸ’¦πŸ‘…. Then my fingers, then my cock hard fast & dirty! for sure a good solid fuck! She took my load with a sigh.. and handed me a toy to keep fucking her I toyed her ass. Had to eat it some more. I Love LOve LOVE eating ass. Shower/ fuck her ass- shower/ eat her ass.- Shower / get a little pussy & back to her ass. All day. Short nap shower & back to that ass .mmmm.
After 2 days of tittie fucking, pussy licking, stuffing her ass with tongue, toys, cock & cum, mutual masturbation, watching each other fuck ourselves with toys we agreed to be friends. Lol at one point. She asked if everything was OK during a short break. Oh, fuck yes! im GOOD. Its always great to get a slutty new friend! She gave me that "WTF did you just say to me?" Look. I replied. Well, umm ..we are friends now,..... aren't we? She just smiled. She seemed PERFECT. Especially when she lays flat on her stomach & bends her ass straight up STRAIGHT UP at 90° offering her holes. Mmm. Seeexxy!! I even used a strap-on because, well, you know, she still wanted more! Damn! I'm 51 not 21 lol. But this girl will NOT wear a strap-on to fuck me. Absolutely WILL NOT! BITCH! Even after several encounters. Nope. No no no! Fucking bitch is having all the fun... well not all. Ha ha ha! She knows I love getting pegged. I just didn't think it was fair. πŸ˜’
one time I had her ass up, against the couch working that ass good. I got her soo worked up using a double dildo in both her holes & desperately needing to cum. I slid down one end of the toy closer & closer until our ass holes were kissing around it & grinding together ❀
Moments later we were violently bumping grinding Biting & sucking whatever body parts close enough to get in our mouths, grabbing squeezing each others hands & pulling to close the gap. My balls slapping her pussy and splashing her steady flow of juices. grinding Hard & fucking like animals our asses slamming together, I got closer & closer to cuming every time I felt our holes touch. Ima try to cum on you somewhere baby!
then when my load hit the bottom of her tits, she instantly Drenched us both! We slipped out the toy and rubbed our slippery cum coated bodies together kissing passionately & slowly smearing our hot dirty mess all over each other it was the most erotic sexual experience ever! scissoring a dildo with my slutty married gf .. CRAZY HOT!!!
We do it every time we meet now. Still won't use a strap-on & I tease her about it lol. Won't use a strap to fuck my ass but likes using her ass to fuck me. I think its fair now.
We call it code 77. 15-inch toy. 7 in her. 7 in meπŸ™ƒπŸ˜ we don't even know if there is a name or word or number for it. ie: 69. Please let me know if there is.
I hope her hubby doesn't read this & break the code. He is already suspicious after seeing fingerprint bruises on her inner thighs. 🀫
That poor guy has NO idea how Hot SExxxy and slutty his " prudish" wife really is. & get her at her sluttiest. πŸ˜πŸ˜ˆπŸ§‘πŸ–€πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

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Created:Feb 24, 2023

Last comment:Oct 12, 2023


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