Double List

Looking for a date, a platonic relationship, or just wanting to discover your sexual side more? Look no further as Double List is what you need.

If you haven’t been using DL already then there are chances you are missing out. Often, hook-up sites are paid and yet fail to deliver what they promise. However, that’s not the case here.

Let’s talk about the top-5 reasons why you need to have DL, right now!

It’s Free

How about finding a partner online and that too without paying a dime to any hook-up site? Well, your one wish has been fulfilled right away.

The most highlighting fact about Double List is that you get access to all the much-needed and significant features and that too absolutely free!

Caters To All Gender Preferences

Whether you are straight or gay, married or single; Double List has something to offer to everyone. In fact, the first thing that you do after setting up an account on Double List is choosing the category on the dashboard. There you see a pool of options that you can choose from keeping your sexual needs in mind.

For example, you will have options like women for men, men for women, women for the couple, men for men, and so on. You get the idea, right?

It’s A Safe Environment

The first thing that comes to mind before joining any hook-up site is the dangerousness that might come along. This includes privacy breaching or any sort of illegal activity. However, DL provides its users with a danger-free environment.

The users are banned if any illegal activity is noticed on their behalf. And yes, you can only join if you are 18 or older. This prevents any sort of exploitation of minors. Hence, overall a user-friendly environment on the site.

Prevents Any Scammers to Join

The only thing that doesn’t make DoubbleList for everyone, is the fact that anyone without a verified account cannot join. That means no place for fakers or scammers.

In order to have an account on DL, one needs to own a verified, real phone number. Also, if you still notice any suspicious activity by any account, you can report that!

DL Is Flexible and Convenient to Use

A reason why not everyone uses hook-up sites to find a partner is the difficulty in operating the sites or apps. However, Doblelist is the exact opposite of difficult. It’s easy to navigate, simple to create an account, and most importantly easy getting started on. What else do you need? It’s a complete package.

We don’t think there is anything beyond these 5 reasons that you need to find to join the

In Nutshell

If you were a prior user of Craigslist and now misses using it after it shut down, then don’t hesitate and start using DL. It has everything that your favorite hook-up site had and more.

What are you waiting for? Join, now!