Plenty of Fish vs WOK 2022

You have likely heard that there’s ‘plenty of fish out there in the sea’ for you when it comes to dating and finding that ideal ‘special someone’. But have you looked at Plenty of Fish, a singles dating site with its own mobile app and millions of profiles? It’s easy to give up on match making and dating, all in all, especially with all the brutal competition out there. We know. That’s why we thought it might be a good idea to shed some light on this particular site, one that boasts of countless users, endless profiles, and hopefully, something in your very city. Tried a dating site or service like this one before? While it’s one of the oldest out there on the modern dater’s market, does that mean it’s perfect? We’d agree it’s easy to find someone, there are plenty of fish, but perhaps the bait & catch is not the easiest part. Let’s talk about the first portion first, which you will definitely need to know the full scoop on, to get started —- and that’s signing up! dating banner The POF Sign – Up Process Itself Take a deep breath of fresh air and don’t stress it — the sign – up itself is, in fact, free. Completely. We’ll start there. To further add, it’s quite verified by the best that our world’s modern tech has to offer, at the end of the day: Trained security protocols straying from using bots ( that are known to commit so many other tech errors, and are easy for proven hackers to bypass in an instant ). It does not get any better than that. Additionally, such high security means you do not have to worry about handing this site your personal information as it requests it when you enroll. Neither do you have to link a single social – media account, if you do not desire to do so. Easy peazy, lemon – squeezy, right? In addition, on plenty of fish, you answer quick questions about your needs, gender, future family plans ( or lack thereof ) , and more. Then you can choose your profile details and set – up the membership you would like. It really is that ‘old – fashioned’ and easy to get started with. The Experience of the Connection – The REAL Reason You Came to the App in the First Place You came here for this very purpose, to find a suitable match ( which can look like so many different things to so many different people, all in all, so where would you even begin on that, you might ask? ) . Well, thankfully, since there are nearly 100 million ( 90 million and rising, to be exact ) users that have signed up on this dating site, finding one or two that you really click with should not be a problem at all. It just takes time to make a connection, as most users of the platform have stated, yet some people are faster at making that happen than others, of course. But if you want to make a real connection, either way, the option is there for you. And since you can both send and get messages for free, without paying a single dime, it gives you that extra little starting ‘nudge’ or boost you were hoping for, does it not? And you can even prioritize your messages, as well, putting certain ones up – top so that they show first in descending order. That way, you can really connect quickly and not have to sort through a bunch of messages to find that special someone’s latest reply. Plenty of Fish Membership Insights Of those 90 + million users listed ( which might even be a little higher than that, since I have written this ) , a reported 78,000,000 alone have been from the good ol’ U.S.A. That is no surprise, of course, as we are the country known for its dating, its dating apps, and its technology. You might also not be surprised to hear that there are more than 2 million logins to this site each and every single day. Imagine that. And only third in line to Zoosk ( 1st inline ) and Adult Friend Finder ( 2nd inline ), Plenty of Fish is certainly up there at the top when it also comes to high member activity in the U.S. There is plenty of motion, day and night. So whenever a new user is looking to hop on and find someone who is listed as active, open, and online ( not to mention a brand – new user who registered within the past week and is openly single ), it is not hard to find someone at any time of the day or day of the week, respectively. The Whole ‘Male – to Female’ Ratio & Vice Versa pof, plenty of fish You should note that, as of the latest stats, males have shown to be more dominant in number on this site. This means the ratio is 60 % to 40 % when it comes to males – females. Since that is only 20 % higher in the favor of males ( or males / females seeking a male, we should say ) , the difference is not too much. Yet it counts. And of these profiles listed, the users can choose whether they are a male, a female, or anything in between and publicly list themselves as such ( in addition to also posting their preference in the ‘settings’ area, as to whether they are looking for a male, a female, an undisclosed or third gender, or are open to either of all these options — plenty of flexibility in choosing ) . A person of the gender (s) chosen will then be paired up with the user by means of what the user has chosen for their POF Chemistry Predictor data. This data has been put together by the user’s other preferences as well, compiled carefully by all that has been shared. The more information that is given, the more helpful it is. POF App’s Internal Structure This site or app, either of which you choose, is more than flexible as well on letting you come across the type of person you might be in need of. For example, you can use the POF search quite flexibly, an internal setting that it seems its designers are indeed most proud of, when you seek to narrow down that search to something very, very particular and — dare I say it — ‘nit pick’ for a bit. How does this work? Well, you can search solely by a certain physical feature, a religious belief, a particular hobby, and so much more. You will run out of ideas, quite literally, for what to put in the search box. People have quite frankly tried everything from cat – ownership type to favorite dinner dish. And it works. Certain users are more pleased than others at the fact that they get to truly get specific in their search and actually find a narrowed list of people in their local area ( or not too far off from it, as no search is ever yet quite perfect, all in all ) that meet those standards and might even be looking for the same. Go figure. The Plenty of Fish Cost Two months, four months or eight months — take your pick. That is how long of a membership you can get before being bothered to cancel or renew. And if you choose a longer membership, as is usually the case with these services or platforms, you will typically save more money in the long – term. For a shorter – term membership, you save more upfront but end up going through more of your wallet later, so to speak, if you should choose to continue using the service. With Plenty of Fish, it is all the same and not a single bit different. You can start off with a two – month one and see if you are serious to committing for longer, as these sites often tend to take time in establishing relationships of value, at only $19.35. Like a fish, you might try and feel the waters, get your fins wet for a bit, and see if you like the other fish in the tank and wish to keep swimming. Ah, these analogies…I could do them all day….. A four – month one will cost you $12.75 a month. An eight-month one will go for $10.18 a month. For an upfront two – month membership, expect to drop $38.70 as the upfront charge. Whereas for a four-month one, that’s $51. An eight-month will go for $81.40 upfront. The pricing is the same as adult friend finder. Actual User Reviews You might be surprised to hear of all the difficulties that have been stated by plenty of fish users trying to get someone to reply to you when you reach out with a quick hello, send them a wink, or anything like that. The amount of users on this site, in proportion to the number of replies and reply rate overall, is truly astonishing; at the very least, that’s what people on Plenty of Fish have said. Their honest reviews on multiple review sites online have further solidified this as a fact — the more and more that people randomly say the same thing about a certain dating site like this one, the more it credibly holds value. And that is, no less, what happens here. More people on plenty of fish have said ( more males, to be quite exact and forthcoming ) that there are so many other people out there on the site competing for the attention of that same person they sought to attract that it truly takes patience, persistence and a prayer of faith to hope to get a reply. It has been said that for every 100 quality messages you send, you might expect to get anywhere from 15 – 25 good replies. POF FAQ’s When did plenty of fish get started, and by who? It has its roots way back in the start of the new millenium, when the Web and websites were truly starting to become an even bigger thing than they were at that time — 2003, to be exact, was when the company behind it got started and the ball started rolling. Markus Frind was the initial founder and CEO, a man who had a vision ( usually from where all good things begin ) . In 2004, just less than a year later, he took it to heart, Plenty of Fish grew, and he committed his efforts to his business from a more full – time standpoint. How old do I have to be to use plenty of fish? 18 What is the plenty of fish cancellation policy like in case I want to cancel a certain membership I activated earlier? You can’t cancel in – app purchases. But you can cancel the membership before its renewal with no penalties. And based on the TOA, if you live in a certain state it lists, you can cancel and get a refund if it’s been less than 3 full days since you activated it. Is there a way to de – activate my plenty of fish profile and account in case I ever get tired of it or need a break? Yes. No sweat. It’s totally do – able. Is blocking a function that is offered here, to block someone I no longer wish to make any communication with? You can block, unblock, and re – block as needed. Is this platform safe to use? Yes. Your data is safe. Browse the Privacy Policy. Have any question we did not cover here? Please hit us up directly! Final Word You can’t go wrong here. For highly active dating and matchmaking, with millions of users, you can’t miss. And if you’re of the kind that needs to get even more serious about being paired up with someone, but are busier than ever, then it might especially benefit you to give the Ultra Match option a try.