The Adam4Adam Gay Dating Website




Adam4Adam delivers numerous free services

Their interface is easy to navigate

With nearly 30 filter choices, you’re bound to find someone right for you

More yummy features are available when you become an exclusive member


There is some concern for the overall safety of the site

You have to be careful of fake and troll accounts 

Their website design could be sexier

The subscription auto-renew feature is not fully reliable


If you’re on the hunt for a gay relationship partner, Adam4Adam is a great way to meet new candidates. As one of the oldest websites of its kind, online since 2003, it still has a very active user base today. With its simple interface along with a surplus of nude pictures on profiles, Adam4Adam could be compared to other popular gay dating sites like Manhunt and Squirt. 

While scoring a hook-up here is easier and more likely than finding a life partner, you never know who you’ll find a deep connection with beyond lust. Please note that you may want to surf this site in the privacy of your home rather than in public since its pages are full of readily visible nude photos.

The self-proclaimed “World’s Largest Gay Social Network”, Adam4Adam hosts a sex shop and premium cam services, ensuring that the site lives up to its bold claim. Although the design and layout could be better, the site’s premium functionality compensates for the ‘meh’ design by increasing the chances of finding hookups. 

Another superior benefit of Adam4Adam is that its user base is not only centralized in cities, but throughout small-town America, making it easier for small-town dwellers to find a match. 



Adam4Adam offers not only a constant influx of new members daily and the privacy and trust it offers to build a sensual and intimate relationship, but you get everything for FREE! Unlike many dating websites, Adam4Adam generates most of its money through ads, not user subscriptions.

Signing up couldn’t be easier. In about 90 seconds and without divulging any sensitive personal information, you’re in. Your profile does need to be approved by the support team before you can send or receive messages for security purposes. However, you can upload a profile photo right away to prep for finding your special someone.

After your account is filled out and approved by the site admin, you gain access to browse thousands of profiles. Ads can be somewhat distracting but not to the point of making a free membership with all its perks worthless. On the contrary, Adam4Adam works hard to provide value to its users. 

Because Adam4Adam is both a desktop website and a mobile app with access to all important features on both interfaces, and because it is available on both Android and iOS, Adam4Adam has done an excellent job of making its services widely accessible. 

In the mission to add even more value, Adam4Adam comes replete with unique features that make for memorable experiences. The platform is known for going above and beyond, but the most popular features are

These features give more exhibitionist members the chance to become live streamers and connect with and build an audience. Other members get to engage with each other and meet new interests through connecting over influencer content.

In addition to the live and camming features, Adam4Adam hosts the Underwear Club, a $10 monthly subscription underwear delivery service. New sexy designer undies are easy to order for all members.

Another cool feature is the Plan a Trip option. You can make travel and stay arrangements and plan events and parties with other members through the app and website. 

And, as if it doesn’t already go above and beyond as a dating website, Adam4Adam also offers health counseling services for free to members who are struggling with STD issues.


The registration process for Adam4Adam is a piece of cake; it only takes two steps.

Step 1

  1. Choose a username
  2. Input a valid email
  3. Create a strong password
  4. Agree with the terms and conditions and confirm you are over 18

Step 2

Then you’ll want to fill out your profile. You’ll be prompted to add the following:

  • Age
  • Gender pronouns and preferences
  • Location
  • Profile picture 
  • Confirm your age and agree to the terms and conditions once again

When these steps are complete, you’ll receive a confirmation email in your inbox. Then you can sign in to your account and start engaging with members on the platform, at which point you’ll also receive 120 credits and access to the video chat features.


While the design is not the platform’s strong suit, it has excellent usability. With high-quality images, links to the mobile application, and helpful overviews for newcomers of what to expect, Adam4Adam takes care to prioritize user experience on both the site and the app.

With 27 filters and 66,000 members, the chances of finding a great match are extraordinarily high compared to similar platforms. 

Adam4Adam’s website and app are responsive, navigation is convenient and easy. The main menu features LiveWebCam, Movies, and Sex Shop. Your message feed lives on the right side of your screen, where you will get about two promotional messages soon after registering. The overall design of the website is simple but its functionality is superb.


The standards for profile quality are an important factor on any dating site. An Adam4Adam account allows you to share things like:

  • Where you’re located
  • How you look
  • What is your sexual orientation
  • Whether you’re single or taken
  • What your lifestyle is like

In addition to these basic info stats, you can also write a descriptive About Me section and share your profession. Anyone can write you a message right from your profile. Be as creative and detailed as possible when describing yourself — hobbies, non-negotiables for relationships, along with sexual preferences, for example, will give other users a fair chance to decide whether they like you. 

Adam4Adam requires that you upload two pictures for your hookups. One is called the Primary Photo and is meant to be displayed on your public profile. The second picture is the Primary App Photo. According to website policies, any nudity in a Primary Picture will be replaced with the Primary App Photo. However, it seems that the platform does not enforce this rule very strictly, as naked photos are visible to the public. 

Finally, Adam4Adam allows for multiple profiles. The one you create at sign-up is your home profile, but if you travel and need a custom profile for a new place, you can create a visitor profile. 


With such a massive user base Adam4Adam’s app makes the platform accessible to even more people, ensuring its continued popularity and prominence. Available for both Android and Apple users in their respective app stores, the app has 500K+ downloads and counting in the Google Play Store. 

Every big business knows that mobile apps are also an essential part of success. Adam4Adam and most other dating platforms know this as well. People want to be able to access the full features of the platform’s website in a convenient offline application from their phones. 

Sadly, it is difficult to pack the robust navigation of a whole website into a mobile app. In the Adam4Adam mobile app, features are more limited but all the basic functionality remains intact. Members can browse, chat and receive notifications. 

To use access more of the site’s features from your phone, you can use the smartphone browser version, which is a mobile version of the desktop website.


With a profile-verification system in place, Adam4Adam makes an effort to keep its platform as safe as possible for users. However, there have been instances in which the security of the platform has come under intense questioning. Rumors of gay members from the East Coast being robbed and murdered in rural areas scared some people. 

Since its start, the platform has faced several security concerns, but it remains in operation and dominant in its industry. This is likely because Adam4Adam has an outstanding customer service crew that does not hesitate to disable fake profiles and any members found to be in violation of the rules when reported. 


The features most users are looking for in a dating app and more are available for free to standard members. Because advertisement revenue and donations fund the operation of the website and its app, Adam4Adam does not require pay-to-play.

However, there are several benefits to paying for an exclusive subscription that you may want to consider. Let’s take a look at each membership package in detail.

Standard (Free) Membership

  • Free members can create an amazing profile without cost.
  • Members can browse other accounts.
  • They can communicate with other members through messaging.
  • Standard members can choose to receive message notifications.
  • They can search for events to attend and find out more information about each one.
  • Free members can save up to 20 conversations and up to 40 messages.

Premium Membership

  • The first big perk for Premium Adam4Adam members is that they are allowed to collect limitless numbers of friends.
  • The block feature is another big value added to the premium membership tier.
  • Premium members can also create a free desktop and mobile site of their own.
  • They can publish ads on the platform for their services with ProAd.
  • Premium membership approval is prioritized.
  • Paying members can save up to 19 searches, 200 conversations, and 200 messages.

Cost of Premium Membership

VIP Access

You can access Premium VIP membership at just USD 10 per month. But if you want to publish ads, you will need to select an add-on.

VIP Access PLUS ProAd

Choose the package that best suits your needs to gain access to ad publishing.

  • 1 month of VIP access + ProAd = $30 USD or
  • 3 months of VIP access + ProAd = $25 USD per month, for a total of $75 USD

Adam4Adam takes payment via all major credit card companies. Subscriptions are set to auto-renew unless you manually cancel by visiting the settings under your account on the website and selecting Cancel Auto Rebill. You can expect a refund within 14 days after the transaction.


Adam4Adam has an FAQ section for commonly asked questions and concerns. If you find yourself in need of more personal assistance, you can email the support team directly or fill out the site’s contact form.

With an average response time of 30 minutes, available on both the website and the app, Adam4Adam is well known for its fast and effective customer service. 


Is Adam4Adam a Safe Gay Dating Platform?

Because of the platform’s strict policies for age and profile verification and the support team’s quick response time and effective problem-solving, overall the platform should be considered a relatively safe place to meet others and find love. However, one should always use their gut instincts when navigating any social media site as none of them are perfect at keeping scammers and psychos out. 

Is Adam4Adam a Real Dating Site for Gays… or a cover for something else?

Yes, Adam4Adam is a genuine dating and social media website for the gay community. Its audience is gays searching for hookups and/or serious relationships. The site has a robust set of search filters making it easy to find the best matches for you. The platform has been around since 2003 and has been vetted by hundreds and thousands of real users. 

How do I Buy Something from Adam4Adam Store?

When you visit Adam4Adam’s online store, you’re given the option to order any product in one of three ways.

  • Order products online
  • Speak to a support team member on the phone
  • Or mail in your payment

Does Adam4Adam Cost Money?

Most of Adam4Adam’s main features are available for free to standard members. But with a paid premium subscription you get access to many additional perks.

Can I trust Adam4Adam Customer Support Agents to Help Me When I Need It?

With an average response rate of 30 minutes, the customer support team at Adam4Adam is the best in its industry. 


Adam4Adam is an outstanding platform for the single gay collective. It’s an especially  appropriate place for guys who are new to the world of gay dating and are looking for their first experiences. It’s a great place for them to learn from more experienced gay men. Members tend to be lustier than long-term relationship-seeking, so be careful not to get heartbroken. If you go into it knowing what it is, Adam4Adam is the best gay online dating service for finding some fun.

If casual sex and relationships with no strings attached sound right for you, then Adam4Adam is perfect for you. With a wide array of user-friendly features to connect gay people all over the place, members can engage in live video chat sessions, debate alluring topics, and share advice. The most exceptional thing about this platform is that it offers so many services for free. Additionally, it is designed with your intent in mind with an abundance of filters so you can find your best match. 

While most features are available for free, Adam4Adam offers even more valuable features inside its VIP Premium Membership. The profile verification system, age regulations, and attentive customer support personnel provide a relatively effective safe environment for members to engage in. If you’re on the hunt for your future spouse, this may not be the right platform for you, but if you just want to explore and have some fun, Adam4Adam offers the best services in the gay online dating world.