10 Transgenders Before and After Photos

The term Transgender started in 1926 when Christine Jorgensen was the first trans woman of record in the United States for having sex reassignment surgery. Christine had a successful career as a singer, actress, and recording artist.

Even though she went from a man to a woman and had a successful career, there was a fair share of people who did not understand this and, for that reason did not like her.

From that point in time, gender reassignment was born and has grown ever since.

How Many Transgenders are There in 2023?

As of 2023, there are 1.6 million people who identify as transgender in the United States. This does not mean they all have had gender reassignment surgery, but they identify as trans.

The thing about being trans is not black and white. There is a large spectrum as to what identifies as trans and for some, it can become very confusing.

For example, some men want to grow their breasts only but still have a manly look. They still identify as being a man but love breasts to the point that they grow them.

Others want the whole feminine look, meaning they want their whole body to take the shape and look of the opposite sex.

There are even some women who will push their husbands into growing breasts. There could be many reasons for this, such as the wife loves breasts also and thinks breast-to-breast would be amazing. Other women get turned on by seeing their spouse with a bra and panties.

The Transformation From MtF or FtM

One thing we learned in doing our research into this topic is clear. People who go from mtw or wtm have all stated that they feel 1000x better, not that they have made the transformation from one sex to another or a partial transformation.

The people you see below are in all different stages of the transgender process. Some are only a few months into the process, while others have been doing it for years. The one common factor is this they are all on a form of HRT (hormone replacement therapy)

Transgender Community
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The Transgender Process – How it Starts

For most people, the process starts with wearing their girlfriend’s panties and morphs into crossdressing. This of course is for people who don’t experience gender dysphoria.

In my former husband and now wife’s experience, in the beginning, he would masturbate in my panties, then it moved to him wearing my bra, and nightgown, shaving his legs and arms as my request so he can feel what it feels like to be femm.

At that point, he started feeling more sexy as a woman than a man, and we started to grow his breasts naturally.

Once his female breast started to develop, we would be looking at other people who have made the transformation or who are currently transforming for inspiration. The images below are just a few of the people we have made friends with online and in person.

Below are the before and after photos of some people who have been very successful in making their transition from MtF or FtM.

Transformation – Timelines

Below is just a few transgender transformations and the time from day one to the current at the time the last photo was taken.

11 months of taking HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy), Ryan became Jessica.
MtF Transformation 11 Months so far.

I’m February 2014, I joined and made my first post on this forum.  It was a brief introduction. I was naive and boob greedy.  As I wrote, “I have joined because I want to look as feminine as I feel inside.”  Six years later, I am hopefully less naive but I am still boob greedy and have taken steps to reconcile that disconnect between my physical and emotional.  At that time I thought I could feminize a bit — enough to make me feel good but not enough to go full transition.  I should have taken to heart Samantha Rogers’ warning in her reply to my post: “Just be careful, ok, sweetheart?” Although she was talking about possible atrophy of various *umm* parts  

 the warning should have made me pause and realize what I was getting in to.  But I was young, dumb, and wanted boobs.  So I dove in.  Lotus, like always, hit the nail on the head.  “I’m sure it starts with wanting to grow breasts, and at some point or other thoughts of transitioning [begin] to creep in,” Lotus sagaciously and perceptively stated. Once I was on PM thoughts not only crept in, they came in like a wrecking ball.  By September 2016, after going from PM to BO, I decided to go on HRT and have been on and off (for various reasons) since.  But I haven’t openly transitioned.  

MtF Transformation 16 Months of Hormone Replacement Therapy

I agree to Treat a trans woman like you would a cis-woman. When my girlfriends who I went out with to anything kinky or non kinky related stuff, I treated them as woman. I respected them and also treated them like I did when i was married to a woman. Now looking at it from the side of being female myself, even a little jester of someone saying yes Miss, yes Ma’am, or yes Mistress, gets my goat. I am being respected for me being me.

Where to hook up for sex and or sex only does nothing for a relationship. I am not going to have sex with just anyone. I feel more important about my body now then I ever have and to just hook up with sex only is not what I am about.

“but DO treated her like a human being” is the most important. I was picked on when I was younger in junior high and high school for being myself. Now older I am hit on for being myself. Respecting me for whom I am but not me filling my head with thinking I am all that, is also important. Seek to understand and you will go places.

The best advice I can give is:

Treat a transwoman like you would a cis-woman.

If you wouldn’t walk up to a cis-woman in a bar and say “Hey, wanna suck my cock and let me bang you”, then DON’T say it to a transwoman.

If you are looking to “experiment” or check off a box on a bucket list, then look for a sex worker who is transgender. DON’T

 play with a transwoman’s emotions, but DO treat her like a human being.
If all you are looking for is a “cum & go”, say so. Don’t fuck with her mind and lead her on.

Learn about her. If her profile says she is a bottom, DO NOT tell her your fantasy is being banged by a T-girl! There are literally HUNDREDS of t-girls who will do that.

All in all, respect her as a PERSON and not as a fetish dispenser.

Not being snarky, but, the same way you would date a cis-woman.
If you wouldn’t approach a cis-woman with an opener like “Hey, wanna fuck?” while grabbing your crotch, then don’t do it to a transwoman.

OK, I will admit that there are some troglodytes out there that think that is a good approach, but I will tell you “No, no it ain’t”

Tips for dating a transwoman:

1 – If your idea of a date solely consists of “your place”, “her place”, or a motel, then you are doing dating wrong.

2 – I’m old fashioned, to me, ‘dating’ is more than just sex. It’s taking your girl to the movies, to dinner, taking walks in the park, and generally, being WITH her, and being SEEN with her. If you were dating Angela Jolie, you’d want to be SEEN with her, yeah? Same with T-girls, we try really, really hard to be attractive, so show us that you are happy to be seen in public with us.

3 – Would buy your cis-girlfriend flowers? Candy? A sexy lingerie set you are dying to see her wear? Would you send her a text, saying “Miss you babe”? Or, (GASP!) “Love you baby”?

Then be prepared to treat your transgirlfriend the same. I am NOT saying you need to buy our love, but you need to let us know that we are more than just a hole for your dick.

In short, treat a transwoman like you would treat a ciswoman. Because, surprise, surprise, we are women too, even if the plumbing isn’t quite the same.

My BF will look at me, shake his head and say “Geez, you ARE a woman”, because of how I act, or respond, or what I say. And that is the main difference between crossdressers and transwomen: we aren’t putting on a costume, we are revealing the true nature of ourselves.

And I in no way mean any disrespect to crossdressers! It’s like the difference between housecats and tigers… they are both felines, but there is a world of difference between the two. :)Not being snarky, but, the same way you would date a cis-woman.

If you wouldn’t approach a cis-woman with an opener like “Hey, wanna fuck?” while grabbing your crotch, then don’t do it to a transwoman.

OK, I will admit that there are some troglodytes out there that think that is a good approach, but I will tell you “No, no it ain’t”

In my neck of the woods there is a gay bar, thats it. Its mostly all old gay boomers that hang out there so not really a great place to meet people in their 30s/20s. We use to have Club Blu which was a more mixed crowd and catered to younger people but sadly it closed down a few years ago (sadly someone served drinks to someone under aged I think).

The bar scene is a hit or a miss and its depends on the age demographics too.

There are apps like Taimi which is specifically a social network/dating app which is perfect (mostly younger people using it though). Loads of people on there. Also okcupid is normally good (for my area it is). Taimi is pretty good as you will meet people from all over but locally too.

Tinder and Bumble are pretty bad in my area… no one responds to you or they ignore you after swiping right.

Grindr is a hit or a miss. I dont really like it as it is the LGBT version of tinder plus millions of unsolicited dick pics from random guys. You can meet other people on there other than gay men but you have to tolerate DL guys sending dick pics every now and then.

I prefer meeting people in person or at an event as it is easier to get the feel of someone talking to them. I liked okcupid the most as I met several people and one of which led to a relationship.

To date a transwoman, treat us like you would a woman, with respect and love. Be our best friend and lover. Never hesitate to introduce us to your friends, family, neighbors, everyone you know. Make us part of your life and live life with us in every way. Never be looking over your shoulder to see who might see us together.

I was lucky enough to find a relationship that works exactly like this. It can work, trust me on that.

I feel that a lot of trans women have either had bad experiences or go into the dating world expecting a bad experience. And this is all coming from my personal experiences.

And while that is completely understandable and I respect that viewpoint, not everybody sees you as a fetish or an experiment.

Biggest problem I find is communication to be an issue. As in you show interest things start flowing and then she ends up disappearing or talking to me is few and far between. But then guys get labeled as fetishist and chasers.

Something I’ve learned in my journey is that you don’t put energy into people that aren’t giving you back the same amount of energy.

But to answer the question honestly most dating apps and sites are garbage anymore. But it’s still good to throw out as many lines as possible. There’s also dating sites specific to people of trans experience such as mytransgenderdate or transdate.

My advice to you ladies, is to take the plunge. If the guy is showing interest then be bold. Ask him if he would like to move from chatting on whatever website to talking on the phone, facetime, meeting in person. At best you get a free meal or company. Obviously follow safe practices.

MtF Transformation 2 Years on Hormone Replacement Therapy

If you want to talk to people who are into transgenders then join World of Kink and meet our trans members.

Transgender FAQ’s

What is a transgender?

In simple terms, a transgender is someone who has or is in the process of changing their birth-assigned gender identity.

What is a transsexual woman?

A transwoman, trans woman, or transgender woman is one and the same. This is a man who has now taken the identity of a woman but was assigned as a male at birth.

What is a transsexual male?

A transman, trans man, or transgender man is one and the same. This is a woman who has now taken the identity of a male but was assigned as a female at birth.


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