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Gay chem sex in public Yay or Nay

I've always loved to have sex in public places, wether it's a public restroom, changing room in a department store, on public beaches in the water at said beaches, movie theaters, adult toy store, in the alley way beside the club, parks,libraries, beside the road looking under the hood like my vehicle is broken down, in a car in a busy chain store parking lot near the entrance with all the windows rolled all the way down, at a playground, on a lawn in front of a municipal building, but what makes it so exciting, intense, erotic, sensually stimulating is the chance of being caught in mid act of exhibitionism wether its a passer by, a commuter bus, moms, dads, families, employees of the nearby businesses, which was the situation I found myself in a couple weeks back, and because I was seeking an even more intense thrill I smoked a gram and a half of Tony's turbo crystals, using a mapping app that allows you to see your location and your proximity to other like minded people, so there was this college aged black athlete that had be jogging the hiking trails through the Brown Woods park, which is a public land with thick old growth forests and trails, paths, natural cubby holes and hiding places, as well as a few lean-to, a few picnic tables, and like things, it's used by people of all walks of life, buy better known to be a gay cruising spot where you park , then hit the trails to see what kinds of treasures nature has in store and what might just be hanging out in the wild, so I'm spun, horned up, and have been deprived of bbc for nearly 3 weeks, I enter the trails from the opposite end of which he started about ¾ of a mile in there's a huge stand of pine trees an information board showing the trails and giving you a bit of history of the park, I know that since he was jogging he would be at my location in about 2 minutes, so I loosen the string on my gym shorts slide em down slightly so the waste of my jockstrap is showing, then put my foot on the bench and leaned forward to retie my sneaker, I hear his footsteps as he's jogging around the corner and my wasteband and partial ass crack and cheeks exposed as my shirt rode up as I bent forward, the anticipation had my heart racing with excitement and the clouds i blew before arriving had all my senses intensified, he jogs towards me from behind because of my strategic positioning of myself about 10 feet away he slows to a walk walks upto my exposed ass crack and cheeks only contained by leg straps on my jockstrap, without speaking a word grabs my gym shorts by the pockets with a quick jerk pulls them down to my knees then gravity carried em the rest of the way to the ground, I had cleaned out pre lubed and inserted my bigger plug, I'm high and horny af, I place my foot that was on the bench down on the ground, he rubs and spanks my ass a few times with one hand as he was getting himself hard with the other hand, the hand he was spanking me with grabs the handle on my plug and starts to teasingly pull it out, mind you it's now roughly 9am on a Thursday morning, he completely removes my plug, then he began to find my hole with the head of his cock, I'm in a completely euphoric state between adrenaline and the speed his head is opening up my button wider than my plug did I moan as his entire mushroom fat head is completely inside of me, his hands now firmly gripping the crease of my hips with a single forceful thrust he buries the full ten and a quarter inches in me until balls were spreading my ass cheeks open the only thing that came out of my mouth was thanks daddy,and that must have been the trigger phrase of the day as he animalistically fucked me harder and faster than I have ever been fucked, his been tearing that ass up for approximately 15-20 minutes and still hasn't spoken a word at this point, I hear a high pitch female voice screeching ain't that some fuckin cute, he leans upto my ear and says what do we do, I spoken at a normal conversation volume and said whatever the fuck you do, don't fuckin stop now, from his thrusts my cock and balls were bouncing every which way, slinging my pre cum everywhere the bench the ground my shoes, shorts jockstrap and everything else in range, he slows down but is fun dipping his cock into my gaped hole pulling all the way out and driving it all the back in me until his balls were slapping mine, he then loudly in a confident dominant tone listen you old spun out hairy bear faggot my ten and a quarter inches of thick headed nigga cock is gonna leave my thick creamy 5 day unreleased load as far inside of your speed smoking worthless faggot fuck hole and he let's a blood curdling roar out like he was mufasa from the lion king I feel an enormous amount of cum flooding me like I'm getting a garden hose enema as he keeps fuckin my ass I can feel the cum oozing out around his cock, the cruelly quickly yanks his dick out of me, I'm shaking and quivering still my mind and body over stimulated because of a combo of drugs, lust, excitement and adrenaline, my legs so weak from the rush from that combination of elements I fall to the ground, with my arms catching the seat of the bench, I'm shaking from head to toe, can't make words, or any sounds of any type I picked up my head which was the moment that he had been waiting for shoves his cock in my mouth and down my throat screaming at me to clean it up really good so his girlfriend couldn't tell he'd been fuckin old white guys in the park again, he finally yanks his softened cock from my esophagus, puts himself together and turns to walk away, well the lady that yelled out at us stating ain't that some fuckin cute, was still standing where she was when she yelled with another woman beside her clapping and screaming sayin goddammit that was a hell of hot sexy show, and continued on their way the direction they were traveling to begin with, I'm still shaking and trembling from one end of my body to the other, i can feel the breeze of wind inside of me because my ass hadn’t even thought about beginning to tighten up, just gaped open and fucked properly, I've got up to my knees and elbows still trying to compose myself and regain control of my body, I hear some twigs snapping like someone walking in the brush off the trail, still no control or function of my arms and legs, this old man comes upto me with his stretch waist band pants around his ankles along with his tighty whiteys strokin his fat 4 or 5 inch of uncut cock like it had taken his lunch money in the 3rd grade I'm there completely naked and unable to make my extremedies do what my clothes strune everywhere in a 12 foot radius, stands about 6 inches in front of my face still pounding the life out of his cock and blows his nut all over my face, chest and the top of my head, he leans his shoulders and head backwards like he was looking for something in the sky as he was fully leaning back starring straight up into the clouds he began pissing on my head face,chest and open mouth as I try to for the phrase what the fuck man he slaps the tip of his dick on my lips knocking the remaining droplets of piss on me, he pulled his shit together and beat feet down the trail the same way the others all had, I'm at the mercy of God and the world hoping that I could atleast force myself to function enough get my shorts on and get a drink from my water bottle my sense are completely fucked I finally pulled myself onto the bench just in time to see an athletic logging lady jogging upto me asking if I needed a hand or some assistance getting my clothes and belongings collected up and my shorts to cover myself with more than my jockstrap, I finally uttered the yes please, she gets all my stuff to the bench, dresses me as I am collecting my thoughts and memory of what the fuck just happened, still no dexterity in my hands and feet, she even without being asked adjusted my junk in my jock because I was wearing 3 ball stretcher rings and a combination cockring and ball stretcher, and asks if I'm good now which I replied I'll just sit here and rest for awhile, after I finished my bottle of water I get shakingly to me feet as I use the tree branches to steady myself after a couple of minutes of moving everything started to return to normal, and I slowly made the hike back to my car so I could get home run myself a bubble bath, and reflect on the days events, I'm not sure if the ice was much much better than usual, or if I had a medical event that I didn't realize that had happened, or if the speed rush, the excitement and anticipation overwhelmed my body and mind with a sense of intensity that I have never experienced, but to this day I am a huge fan of partying with Tina and blowing clouds before I head to a hot taboo session, thank you for reading about my personal experience, I look forward to hearing your feedback about it and also would enjoy a glimpse inside of your hottest, wildest, cloud, Chem, or hypnosis trance to stimulate and intensify your primal fuckin experience, thanks again.

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