Collarspace vs WOK for 2023

If you’re interested in cuckold dating and BDSM lifestyles, we would like to introduce you to a platform called Collarspace. With a SSC (safe, sensible, and consensual) policy and a TON of monthly visitors, you will surely find your match on Collarspace. Since theme-based visits are specifically designed for casual hookups, you shouldn’t use this platform if you’re looking for a long-term or serious relationship. (not that it’s not possible…)

Previously taboo sexual activities are practiced freely n Collarspace without embarrassment or restriction. Most members post their ideas on blogs, which include no words, thoughts, or images. They want to experience something new and get away from their healthy lifestyle. Collarspace provides a dating platform, as well as live video chat, and a variety of affordable sex toys for every adult. 

Although it looks like the site was designed in the 19th century, it receives more than 500,000 unique visitors per month. However, considering the fact that they are the biggest BDSM site to date, there are some disappointing results given its size and first-mover advantage.



The registration process at Collarspace requires a significant amount of time and effort. You will need to verify your details on a different website because the site owners have redirected the site to a different one that they have rebranded, which will take longer. Once your account is set up, you can start searching for members right away using the site search. 

Many dating sites offer a chat feature to help you get to know others better. Modern websites, however, tend to provide video and voice options to enhance intimacy. Due to the website’s free nature, you can see as many options as you like and select the BDSM style you prefer. 

Chose from slave, submissive, dominant or switch.

Search results for some reason do not show the picture of the profile, but rather usernames, locations, ages, and the last time the profile was accessed. If you click on any profile, you will have full access to their profile, their videos, and their photos. 

Besides adding them to your favorites, sending them a friend request, e-mailing that same profile to you for future reference, viewing their sexual interest, and writing a personal note, you can also send them a friend request and use a more formal approach. Additionally, you can interact with other users in chat rooms and learn about BDSM topics through community-related methods besides search.



Registering for Collarspace can be tricky; therefore, you should pay attention while doing so. In order to sign up, click the ‘Join Our Community’ button and enter a unique username and password, followed by your e-mail address and zip code. The rest of the process gets relatively easy after this. 

After you’re finished signing up, just enter your credentials in the login form, and voila! Additionally, you can retrieve your password by using your e-mail id as a password recovery option. Unfortunately, we were unable to find a way to retrieve lost e-mail addresses, so please be careful and keep your e-mail addresses somewhere safe.

If you are not familiar with, an affiliate website of Collarspace, you might be confused when you see the website at first. Those who aren’t completely comfortable with computers might find it confusing. Adding users may not be possible until the moderator approves your profile, which may take between one and two days. It’s one of the site’s biggest drawbacks. 


Initially, you might find the site’s functionality to be comfortable. The site, however, becomes more and more outdated after a while. In the past 20 years, it doesn’t seem like the owners have changed one bit. 

The layout of the site has many visual flaws. You do not have to compress it to fit your screen. Additionally, the site contains random navigational features. Basic instructions and information are also hard to read due to the font. There, however, appears to be no valid reason to change the interface since users are comfortable with it.

User profiles don’t have any restrictions on what they can write, but there aren’t many options on the tab. In the absence of details, a user has difficulty filling out their information and finding members of their choice. 

The good thing about filling out your details is that you can select the type of sex partner you’d like based on your sexual orientation.

Members can browse from many filters in the search filter in order to find what they are looking for. There are few websites that have a profile dropdown without a photo, however. 

In casual hook-ups and short-term sexual fun, dating sites usually promote photos wherever possible to help members make their selections. The website is fantastic because functionally it’s not bad, but aesthetically and technologically, it’s like it’s from the 1990s.


Let your profile speak for itself. More than 1,500,000 people have registered on this site, of which, more than 50 percent are Americans. Let’s move on to profiles.

Adding more content to your profile will make it easier for others to find you in the search bar. Your desires are negatively impacted by less information given. It includes information about adventure, athletics, hobbies, lifestyle, sports, music, and BDSM style and yes there are Gay and Lesbians on the site.

Our observations revealed that many profiles lacked important information. There are two possible explanations for this. Members are either finding that it’s tedious to fill out a lengthy sign-up process or the profiles are bots. In any case, the lack of information on profiles was a huge disappointment. 

In spite of this, the profiles had vivid graphics. Many nude and explicit photos were available without censorship. If you come across something interesting about a user, you can also write a personal note. In addition, you can view all the complete profiles of members for free. 


At the time of writing, we were unable to find a mobile application for Collarspace. The owners might consider creating a user-friendly app that can also double as a BDSM-friendly site that welcomes everyone without any discrimination or bias so that they can enter the domain of proper BDSM.


The site is fairly safe on the security and safety side once you are mindful of scammers and bots. You should still review the website’s security tips before investing your time in a site though. You can use it to determine whether a site is legitimate, especially if it focuses primarily on hookups and casual sex encounters. 

The website does not ask for your social media account information, nor does it ask for your e-mail address. Collarspace’s security level is immediately lowered.

Unfortunately, we encountered a lot of bots and scams on the site. Nevertheless, by not sharing member information with third parties, Collarspace is actively doing their job to protect its members’ information.

In general, you should always look out for who you’re chatting with. If there is anything red flagging in the conversation, notify the website owner and the authorities immediately. We discovered there aren’t too many privacy settings when nosing around with the settings. 

Nude photos and any financial information should also be avoided unless you are completely trusting the person. The final tip is to always use private e-mail if possible and not to conflict it with any other commitments. 

You can also note the unique ID you used, so your personal/work balance won’t be disturbed.


One of the best things about Collarspace is that it’s completely free. To improve their ratings, the owners of the site should consider creating a subscription-based app. Collarspace offers the following benefits, in general:

ADMIRERS: Admirers are users who have been added to your favorite list. Because the feature works both ways, the profile you’ve favorited will receive a notification. If you are too shy to message, it is a great way to break the ice and begin a casual conversation.

GUIDES: Guides that help you navigate not only Collarspace’s site, but the BDSM concept as a whole. The LGBT+ community is still evolving, and there is a lot you can learn and contribute.

EVENTS: Public events are held by the site’s owners. Anyone can join, and there is no discrimination. There are swinger parties, support for women, and it can also serve as a dom.


Collarspace’s support team is very unresponsive and doesn’t pay much attention to members. Furthermore, the site is rife with bots and scam accounts. Questions or complaints are usually answered a few days after they are submitted.

Many problems are mistakenly directed to CollarMe, since Collarspace was originally CollarMe. As a result, the site becomes non-responsive. As they use standard internet protocols to protect members, you can rest assured that your financial and personal information is secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is Collarspace?

Collarspace is a legit website owned by Bayshore Software Technologies Inc, a California-based company.

Collarspace: Is it a real dating site?

Yes, of course. In the world of BDSM, Collarspace is the largest website.

What is Collarspace and how does it work?

It is free of charge. By signing up, you’ll be able to find profiles that suit your taste. Profiles can be viewed and messaged indefinitely.

Is Collarspace Free?

Yes, Collarspace is a free web site.

Does Collarspace Really Work?

You’re right, it does work. It is possible to register on this site and meet people with an open mind about the areas of sex they wish to explore. Collarspace offers a wide variety of events where you can meet people and chat.

i delete my collarspace


If BDSM is your preferred method of sexual activity, we hope this article has been helpful in determining whether Collarspace is worth your time. People from all orientations, races, and sexualities can explore their sexuality with people who share similar viewpoints on the platform, which is a globally recognized platform. When you are open, you won’t have to worry about being judged, as is commonly the case with the LGBT community in a closed society. 

The platform has more than 1,500,000 members, but if more effort were put into modernizing and building an app, the owners may find themselves with a larger following. However, we discovered several loopholes that may compromise the security of your account, despite their claim that the site is secure. It’s a free web site, so you can rest assured your financial information won’t be misused. Always check the site’s home page for information about security measures.

Because of the long and tedious registration process, you might not even be able to hook up. Moreover, once the profile is complete, the information is so limited that you might not have a chance to interact with someone in person. Rather than allowing quick hook-ups, there’s a set of instructions to follow, which may not result in anything productive. 

However, they have not invested in the right technology to compete with their rivals in the modern era, despite the fact that the BDSM community is an untapped market share. Although Collarspace is not one of the best websites, if you are in need of a BDSM recharge, it may be just the thing you are looking for.