Understanding Cuckold Cream Pie Cleaning   

Does the thought of having your husband licking the cum from another man out of your pussy drive you wild?

It’s time for your first cuckold creampie cleanup. Perhaps you have witnessed a bull ravage your hotwife and are ready to take it to the next level. Or maybe you are diving right in and planning to bury your face in your hotwife’s fresh-fucked creampie on your first go around.

Nerves are to be expected, especially if you’ve never tasted a man’s cum before. Below you’ll find answers to your questions, tips to make the experience more enjoyable for your hotwife, her bull (or bulls), and a guide to proper cuckold cum eating.

Welcome to the world of Cuckold Cream Pie

Kink is improved with honest communication. While it can be uncomfortable to admit your dick twitches at the thought of being a good cuckold cum cleaner, your hot wife will likely be thrilled to hear all about it. Even, or perhaps especially, if you squirm and blush while you detail your fantasy.

This is an excellent time to share your creampie cleaning fantasies. Ask questions, get clarification, and understand where discomforts and boundaries are. Creampies are a riskier game, and enthusiastic consent should be obtained from everyone involved before clothes come off.

Your hotwife may not want you to focus on her pleasure after she’s been thoroughly plowed by her bull. She may be too sensitive after the orgasms he gave her for any direct pressure on her clit. She may simply want you to serve as a handy cum rag. Or she may want you to focus on her pleasure, worshipping her abused pussy with lips and tongue while you work to clean every drop of her bull’s seed.

The best way to take care of your wife’s needs and ensure you both have a hot experience is to discuss what you want from the scene. You can make this more fun by sharing and reading cuckold stories or other hotwife erotica that features creampie cleanups. Look for creampie eating porn clips. Share what you each find hot in what you read and watch.

A Word on Creampie Safety

It’s reasonable to have concerns about sexual safety when it comes time to make fantasy reality with a raw dog creampie. Unprotected sex comes with risks. There’s always a chance your hotwife could become pregnant from her bull’s seed or contract an STI. These things should be discussed before the big night.

Everyone should clearly understand the steps taken to reduce or avoid risks. Before the big night, all parties should undergo STI testing and refrain from engaging in risky behavior with outside partners until you’ve had your muff-diving fun. The appeal of a spread pussy oozing a fresh creampie awaiting a good cuckold cleanup is partly driven by the risk, but proper planning allows the danger to stay strictly in the realm of delicious fantasy.

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The Creampie Cleanup Starts with Cuckholding

Before you dive between your hotwife’s spread thighs and do your diligent duty of cleaning every drop of sticky cum from her fresh-fucked cunt, you have to watch her bull rail her.

Ask her where she’d like you to be while you witness. Perhaps she wants to be on all fours with you beneath to watch her pussy stretch around her bull’s thick cock, knowing soon she’ll be planting her juicy cunt on your face so you can service her properly. Will you sit in the corner in a chair, out of the way, so they can have their fun without you creating disruptions?

This is a special moment for a cuckold, the building anticipating a fantasy fulfilled. Every thrust, moan, and grunt will take on new meaning as they bring you closer to your enhanced intimacy and new service.

Let lust wash over you as you anticipate your first cuckold cum cleanup. The higher your state of lust, the easier it will be to override some potential pitfalls of cleaning cum from your hotwife.

Of course, an orgasm would ruin the agonizing intensity of your arousal. You do not want to dull the lust that will drive you into depraved service to your wife.

If you are worried that you may lose control and cum despite your best intentions, consider asking your wife politely to lock your cock away in a chastity device.

Are you ready to drink your cum and need some help?  Well, just hit the play button below and get naked.

It’s Time to Clean Up Pussy Creampie

The moment has arrived. You watch as his cock pulls free, dripping with your wife’s juices. For a moment, her slippery pussy gapes slightly in the aftermath. Puffy, swollen lips offer an inviting trickle of cum for you to taste.

Your invitation to get to work on her creampie cleanup may come as a finger crooked in your direction, pointing you towards your prize. If you’ve discussed your fantasies beforehand, she may know what kind of verbal guidance will drive you most wild. If you are unsure what might turn you on, here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • “Clean up my messy pussy, cuck.”
  • “Lap all his cum up out of me like a good cuckold.”
  • “Suck my cunt clean.”
  • “Come here and eat his sticky cum out of my sloppy pussy.”
  • “Do your job and make me ready for my next lover.”

The best words will help you sink into your role as a cuckold and allow you to indulge in a long-held fantasy. She may already know what to say to put you into your submissive cuckold mindset, but politely offering her suggestions beforehand doesn’t hurt.

A Good Cuck’s Guide to Creampie Eating

Fantasy improves upon reality in many ways. In fantasy, cum can taste like chocolate-covered cherries, and nobody can stop you. It’s imagination, and it can be what you need it to be. In reality, you’ll be confronted with what is. A little preparation and awareness can go a long way towards preventing reality from damping your enjoyment of achieving a long-held cuckold fantasy.

What To Expect from Cum

The taste and texture of cum can vary significantly from man to man and even from orgasm to orgasm.

You may not like the taste of cum; you may even detest the taste of cum. The taste of cum can be salty and bitter. Sometimes, it can taste downright rancid. It’s important to remember that you are not there for a meal but to submit to your role as a cuckold.

If you don’t enjoy the place, allow that pent-up lust to remind you of your position. To service your wife, to clean up her bull’s cum. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy the taste; enjoy your service.

Texture also varies. Sometimes cum is thick and sticky; other times, it is runny and liquidy. Some people shoot thick ropes of cum that fire for a distance; others ooze cum slowly. The size of the load can also vary.

Quick orgasms tend to produce thicker cum. Slow orgasms tend to make thinner cum. Whatever your fantasies have been about the texture of cum oozing from your well-used hotwife’s honeypot, the reality may differ.

Real life is not porn. You may have watched hotwife creampie porn where the bull withdraws and a thick stream of cum pools out, ready and waiting for a cuckold’s eager tongue to lap up. In reality, the body is designed to hold cum in. If he bottomed out before he shot his load into your hotwife, it’s not likely to be immediately oozing back out of her.

You may have to work to get to his cum. You may need to drive your tongue deep inside her to reach it or have her sit on your face to allow gravity to work. You may not get as much cum as you would prefer. You are still cleaning her cunt, whether reality matches your idealized fantasy or not. Revel in that.

Remember to mind your wife’s sensitivity. Go gently at first. Allow her to guide you if she needs your attentive tongue to move away from her clit. Listen to her sounds of pleasure and be alert to the movements in her body. If she’s pulling away from something you are doing, move elsewhere. If you are unsure, ask her politely for guidance.

When to Stop

With oral service, usually, one stops when their partner can take no further orgasms. For creampie cleanup, you may not be delivering orgasms to your hotwife at all. There’s no clear measure of how much cum is lingering in her pussy or how much of it you’ve lapped up. So when do you stop?

That will depend on your wife. She may find herself ready to fuck her bull again or perhaps another lover. She may elect to cum on your face and tell you when it’s time to stop. Or she may simply luxuriate in your oral service until she’s done keeping her legs spread so you can attend to her needs. Your job is to stay put and wait until you receive permission to stop.

The Creampie Aftermath

Once you’ve maybe been gifted the chance to cum and everyone is comfortably basking in the aftermath of a good time, have a conversation. Talk to each other about what you found arousing and what could be improved upon. A little discussion can help your kink improve over time. Everyone deserves the hottest sex they can manage.

Practice Makes Perfect

Even if your first experience as a cuckold creampie cleaner did not go quite as planned, there’s always the next time. As you explore this kink with open and honest communication, each opportunity presents a new chance to make it sexier and more enjoyable for everyone evolved.

You’ll feel more confident in your role as a cuckold. Above all else, remember that kink should be fun. Enjoy yourself, you filthy pervert.

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