Who really loves Gloryholes more, men or women? Let's dive into this world.
Cock in gloryhole

Glory Hole History

Gloryholes have been around for longer then you or I have been around. In fact the first gloryhole was discovered back in 1707. Now the gloryholes from back then to today has stayed the same as its a pretty easy device to make.

In the most symplstic terms a gloryhole is nothing more then a hole seperating two walls. These became popular in adult arcades where one could go into a booth and someone in the next booth over would put his dick through the hole that was no bigger then about 4-8 inches in diamater. This would allow the person in one booth to play with the other persons dick without ever knowing who they are.

This is still seen as taboo and not socialy accepted by the masses. In fact, most cities have tried to close adult arcades for that reason. In Las Vegas, the world’s adult playground, you will be hard-pressed to a gloryhole anywhere around.

Why Use A Glory Hole?

99% of people who go to gloryholes is becuase of the anonymity and the quanity. Meaning you can go in a booth and suck 10 dicks in 1 hour and they will not know who you are.

Who Uses Glory Holes?

Mostly gay men will be at these places, but there are others as well. Married men who are not gay but either want to suck a cock or have their cock sucked. Women have also visited glory holes in fact, husbands/boyfriends have often taken their girlfriends/wives to the arcades to have them do anything from watching her give head to strangers or fucking them.

Gloryholes provide limited access to the other person. Often times its only what can fit through the hole in the wall so if you want to control how much someone can interact then this is a great option.

Even celberities have used them in the past. George Michael was arrested for lewd acts.

Take Wife to GloryHole

I have never been to one and when I started on this story I had to understand what they were and I still was at a loss so I have my boyfriend at the time take me one night to see what they were.

Cum covered at a Gloryhole

When we were about to leave, I was out in the open and let the three men cum all over me as I was on my knees. Well, after having two glasses of wine, we went and went into a booth. Like clockwork, a cock came through the carved-out hole in the wall and

Making Your Own Glory Hole

If you have ever wanted to make an in-home Gloryhole, its cheaper than you might think. 

There are a few things you will need to accomplish this, though. But before you start on your glory hole, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

  1. What area do you want to set this up in? For most people, it’s right as you enter the house or apartment. You do not want them going too far in your place as you do not know them, and you will be on the other side of the wall or sheet.
  2. Next, you need to figure out what material you will use. The most cost-effective material for your glory hole is backdrop material you can find on Amazon. You can get a 10×8 section of black fabric or maybe two. The price is very cheap at $20 each.

So now you have your makeshift wall; you need screws to put it into the wall. You will want to make it as small as possible so you don’t have to buy so much. It does not take much space to suck someone off, so 5×5 would be perfect.

Then you want to make a whole about 4-6 inches in the fabric. This is so they can slide their cock through so you can suck it.

The fabric does not need to go to the ceiling, just enough so they can’t see over and down to the floor.  

Now if you want to add some extras, you can put a hand towel in there or paper towels for them to dry off. If you can fit a computer monitor in there and, on the other side, connect to a laptop and show glory hole porn, that will help them cum faster.

Home Gloryhole

Gloryhole Swallow Videos
For men and women who love to suck cock, a glory hole will provide you with hours of cock sucking. It’s impossible to drain every guy at most glory holes because they keep coming in.

If you are a guy who loves to be on the end where they are sucking you off, you will have a selection of mouths to get you off, and some go in search of that Gloryhole to swallow and drink loads of cum.

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