Yes, men love submissive women, but where are all the submissive men?

Submissive was only a word until a few years ago unless you were a member of the BDSM community.

You could have assumed that being submissive meant being docile, courteous, compliant, and passive. Then 50 Shades of Grey came along, and the definition of the word completely changed.

What Is the Submissive Meaning?

Being submissive can only occur during sexual activity, during which the submissive partner may experience masochism, bondage, or other types of domination. A “lifestyle” submissive, on the other hand, doesn’t restrict their surrender to the bedroom.

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Submissive people have rules that regulate their relationships with their partners and with themselves. It could be little things like calling your partner “sir” or “master,” it could be doing housework, or it could mean spending a lot of time in a cage while naked.

Every dominant and submissive relationship is unique, with its own levels of intensity and set of rules. As it can be challenging to maintain a relationship with an inherent imbalance.

If being submissive isn’t something you’re personally interested in, it can be challenging to comprehend why someone else would want to be that way. Try not to judge and instead make an effort to comprehend.

There is a distinct distinction between being kinky and being abusive, as we have already stated. Active consent is the difference.

Am I Submissive?

submissive women
Submissive Woman

You can feel the urge to be submissive in a romantic relationship or even sexually subservient, preferring to let someone else control your sex life.

In the BDSM way of life, being “a submissive” also know as a sub is something entirely different. There is a particular dynamic and power exchange there. You must submit to a Dominant, which may be done whenever it is most convenient for you. It is a part of a way of life that is governed by rules and etiquette.

If you desire something other than being taken care of in a relationship or exercising sexual submission, it might be worthwhile to look into.

It is reasonable for you to desire to be taken care of. You desire a caretaker whose primary concern is your emotional well. For someone who is accustomed to taking care of others in addition to himself, that is not uncommon.

Being Submissive vs. Being a Submissive

Make sure you’re comparing you being vs someone else submitting to you to understand the distinctions. In terms of the BDSM lifestyle, what you’re saying doesn’t seem like a submissive; rather, it sounds more like someone who wants a strong guiding hand to take them for once and make sure they’re loved and taken care of.

A lowercase “s” is used to represent your place if you are an A submissive. Using a lowercase “s” would not be essential if you are simply a submissive individual who is taking a backseat in a relationship.

Dominant vs. Submissive

Because you really need to have first-hand experience to know if you genuinely appreciate those particular activities, it can be challenging to pinpoint exactly what you would be in the lifestyle. If all you’re doing is envisioning things, that will give you a general notion of where you might stumble and what you might want to do first.

It’s like declaring that you would love to attempt skydiving since you’re an adventurous person, only to discover that it’s not for you after doing it. You give it a try because, in theory, you think you’d like it, but it turns out it’s not for you.

Men With Dominant Tendencies

Sub with her master

It is not sufficient to be dominant to be one. He seems to be an alpha male, right? If that’s the case, he can still act as an Alpha in your life without taking on the Dominant position.

A Dominant will have a lot of responsibilities in that position. Because it’s such a big project, you’ll find more submissives than dominants.

If someone believes he is a dominant, he must take on a position, and there are many responsibilities associated with doing so, such as mentoring and training. Because the dynamic is based on psychological control, it would need to be something he is devoted to. Therefore, it is difficult to perform when both participants lack experience.


It’s a natural sexual urge to occasionally want to be the aggressor and then occasionally want to be controlled; different people bring out different feelings in us. You don’t have to identify yourself either way. One person’s sexual aura and your reaction to it will be quite different from the next.

Your gut will probably tell you to challenge a strong Alpha type to see if he can surpass your dominant characteristics if you come across one. It’s akin to a sexual compatibility test. Drawing a line in the sand to test if he will have the courage to cross it is your controlling self.

Finally, you want to be loved and cared for as the fierce woman you are. You want to discover someone who loves the compassion that gets buried by everyday living as much as the voracious beast.

To want that balance for personal fulfillment is common. The fact that you are aware of your demands is fantastic, and that is already half the battle won.

Switches are labels that exist within the BDSM lifestyle, but they have a slightly different meanings. The key distinction is that you shouldn’t alter your partnership’s dynamic. You shouldn’t bottom with someone you’re topping because it will dramatically alter the relationship.

Now You Know What It Means to Be Submissive

The definition can be confusing if you’re new to BDSM. Hopefully, after reading this post, you have a better understanding of what it means to be sexually submissive!

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