I think men who eat cum is so fucking hot. I will not take someone who can't take a load.
cum eating

Do you have a fantasy about watching your man eat the cum of another man? A cum eating cuck? If so, then read this.

Does the thought of having your husband licking the cum from another man out of your pussy? Does the notion of it drive you wild?

If so, then you are at the right place. In this blog, I will show you how to teach your husband to become a cum eating cuckold. I will also show you how to get him to crave it. You are just a few short steps from having him beg you to lick someone else’s cum from your pussy.

Cuckold Intro

You lie back in bed feeling like you’ve been fucked within an inch of your life, all full of satiation and basking in the aftermath of your orgasm. It’s a good feeling, but it is not over yet. Not when you feel your partner touch your inner thighs moments before you feel his tongue on your clit.

You are a little bit sensitive, but there is something undeniably erotic about watching him clean up the cum slowly sipping out of your pussy- especially knowing he is cleaning up another man’s cum. 

With a rising increase in sexual awareness and acceptance, kinks and fetishes have become a common occurrence. That said, not all kinks and fetishes revolve around pain and pleasure. Some veer into a mixture of humiliation and masochism, and one of these is cum-eating cuckolding.

More and more couples are open to the idea of cuckolding, but cum eating cuckolding is a relatively new practice that some are wary about despite their interest. Perhaps it is time to consider having ‘the talk’. 

Between societal expectations and a natural inclination to avoid novel experiences, your man may not immediately be receptive to the idea. For the sake of this article, your man has to be a cuckold already. Turning a curious or mildly interested man into a cuckold though, is an entirely different matter altogether. So, how do you turn an cuckold into a cum eating cuckold? 

Understand his motivation 

As any experienced partner in a fetish or kink-involved relationship will tell you, the first step to initializing your fantasies is understanding each other. You need to understand why and what would turn on your partner. Before bringing up the idea of cum eating, it is essential that you know what motivates your man into being a cuckold in the first place. The last thing you want is to force him to do something that turns him off. 

As human beings, we are complex beings with different wants, needs, and motivations. So first things first, what is the driving force behind your partners cuckold fantasies and needs?

  • Humiliation and degradation turns him on. Our minds are powerful tools that cope differently. For some, the mind can take the feeling of humiliation and turn it into a very erotic experience. The feelings of inadequacy, embarrassment and slight rejection can be translated into a very arousing feeling.

  • Men who get turned on by humiliation can be receptive to the idea of cum eating. The good news is that most men who are into being cuckolded tend to lie in this category.

  • However, it is important to remember to take things slow. Too much, too fast can be too overwhelming, and the mind can reject the idea.

  • It’s about spectating- For some men, cuckolding is all about watching and not necessarily about the act of cuckolding itself.

  • For these men, the concept of spectating every sexual act like a personal performance is what gives them pleasure and sometimes feelings of dominance.

  • Given that it’s all about being a third party and not necessarily a participant, being a cum eating cuckold may not be the most welcome idea. 

  • Compersion- Compersion roughly translates to being happy because someone else is happy. In short, these men might enjoy cuckolding because it makes their partner enjoys cuckolding them.

  • Since they take pleasure in their partner’s pleasure, these men can be open to the idea of cum eating if it pleases you, their partner.

  • Taboo elements turn him on- Some people get turned on watching porn involving family members, cheating wives, and naughty nuns for the same reason- as confusing and taboos are, they are also arousing.

  • Think of the excitement of doing something you aren’t supposed to and the secret thrill in knowing nobody around you knows. Now amplify that thrill and throw in some sexual undertones, and you have a taboo seeking cuckold.

  • Since it’s all about the thrill of doing something forbidden for this men, they can be somewhat open to the idea of cum eating . Keep in mind they have to be slowly coaxed into it. 

  • Candaulism- At it’s core, candaulism is all about showing off. Some men like the feeling of showing off their partners. The fact that other men can be with their partner without getting her can be erotic to some.

  • Again, the mind can be quite a powerful tool that can take the unusual and confusing and turn it into a subject of arousal. Unfortunately, these types of cuckolds probably won’t be very open to the idea of eating another man’s cum off you. 

  • It’s all about comparison and competition- The sperm competition theory is based on the fact that after watching their partner having sex, men feel the need to replace the other man’s presence.

After being cuckolded, there are men who turn the jealousy into a sexual excitement so powerful that it makes them cum faster, have a shorter than normal refractory period, and feel an unrelenting need to take their partner over and over again. Since for these men, it’s all about ‘reclaiming’ their partner, cum eating will probably be the last thing in his fantasies. 

Understanding what drives your man to become a cuckold is a very vital step in advancing your sexual relationship into cum eating. You can learn this by communicating with him, listening to his fantasies and what they steer into, or experimenting to see what he likes. 

Step 1 – Get him to eat his own cum

Most men find the idea of cum touching, let alone eating abhorrent. It is society’s expectation that a woman should be very interested in cum, not men. It’s why in most mainstream porn videos, a lot of attention is put towards women licking, sucking, begging for cum, and even eating it.

So how do you overcome and get rid of this bias?

Chances are, if your man is a cuckold, he is likely leans towards submission which is highly dependent on pleasing you and humiliation. It also means that it is possible to convince him to make your fantasies come true if you are patient and willing to take things slow.

It is almost impossible to go from having a regular run-off-the-mill cuckolding relationship to having him eat you out after a bull has cum in you.

So how do you introduce the idea in the first place?

One way to overcome his cum eating bias is to communicate using dirty talk. The aim here is to use his lust to your advantage. After all, men tend to be open-minded when aroused. Let him know using dirty talk that you are pleased, or to let him know what you want.

For example, to introduce the idea of him eating his pre-cum you could tell him, “Do you know what would get my pussy flowing right now? The idea of you cumming on my tits and licking them off…”

Or you could say, “Would you do something kinky for me baby? How naughty do you want to get tonight?”

cum eating cuckold

If he seems hesitant, you could lick it and tell him it tastes sweet and salty just like him.

Another way you can do this is by using a gradual-increase method. At first, you can start simple, but make sure you don’t make it obvious.

It can be something as sneaky as kissing him after going down on him. See how he reacts to that or if he even notices. If he seems positively receptive or ignorant, do it a few more times before you take the next step.

If he seems interested but not entirely sold on the idea, you could be a little more direct and cover his lips with his own pre cum before licking it off him. If he seems really interested, then the next time you go down on him, have him cum in your mouth and swap cum with him.

The next time, you could take it a step further and have him lick his own cum aka a form of cum eating and even further by having him lick a creampie off you.

You can coax this fantasy out of him is by using the reward system. In addition to the gradual increase method, you can reward him each time he successfully pleases you or agrees to take things a step further.

You can achieve this by kissing him on the neck, stroking his cock, kissing it, or doing whatever turns him on during foreplay. Rewards encourage especially if your partner is a cuckold to please you or is submissive.

You could also use prompts once he has started engaging in small cum eating acts like licking his own pre cum. Something like, “You like tasting your own cum, don’t you? Then how about you cum on my ass and lick it off…”

If he still seems reluctant to take it all the way at this point, then be strong and walk away. Don’t touch him anymore, cover up, or just leave completely. If you can coax him to lick his own precum then he is likely open to cum eating but might have reservations about it.

Next time, you could choose to address his reservations and encourage him about it being your little secret or you could choose to play the cat and refuse to get intimate in any way until he complies. The approach you decide to take will highly depend on what usually turns on your man.

The last method you can employ is using a punishment system. In more submissive or masochistic men, punishments work much better than rewards. You could employ ruined orgasms to get him to try something new. Basically, bring him to a near orgasm state using your hand or mouth, but stop right before he cums.

Because of the lack of stimulation he will cum but it will lack the fulfillment or a normal orgasm. Depending on how much he can take, you can keep doing it until he agrees to do as you wish. Afterwards, you can reward him with a full orgasm, but make sure to make it worth his while.

If by now he is used to the idea of touching, licking, and even eating his own cum, it might be time to take things further.

Are you ready to drink your cum and need some help?  Well, just hit the play button below and get naked.

Step 2 – Introduce the idea of cuckold cum eating

Convincing your partner to overcome his bias is the hardest part. Teasing him with the idea of cuckold cum eating is much easier- as long as you have the patience to coax it out of him. 

There are several methods you can employ to introduce and get him used to the idea of him eating another man’s cum.

Introduce the idea in dirty talk – The peak times for dirty talk is during dirty talk and right before he cums. Since you want to plant the seed in his mind, make sure the timing is right.

In the middle of foreplay you could jerk him off, stop to feed him his own pre-cum and say something like, “Will you do something naughty for me?” When he says yes, you could follow it up with, “I want to see you lick my bulls cum, would you like that too?” 

You could then proceed to make him lick precum off your fingers and suck them before he answers then repeat the same question. 

You could also wait until he is nearly cumming before steering the dirty talk towards cuckolding, your bull cumming in you, and him licking it off. Not only will that heighten the excitement, it will also firmly plant the idea. 

When you are riding him, tell him something like, “Do you know what I can’t stop thinking about? You watching my bull cum in me, and you giving me another orgasm with your tongue while you clean me up. How hot would that be?”

Role playing – Once you have planted the idea in his head, introduce cuckold cum-eating role playing to him. During a ruined orgasm, you can make him cum on you and then introduce the role play role of him being the cuckold who cleans you up.

This cements the idea in his mind and he will likely start having cum-eating cuckold fantasies of his own. Make sure you encourage him to communicate with you so that you can gauge how ready he is. 

Step 3 – His first time as a cum eating cuckold

Even if your partner is already a cuckold, and I assume for the sake of this article he is, the first time as a cum-eating cuckold can be a little daunting.

But if you’ve primed him properly, he will be too curious and interested to stop. Still, it is very important not to push him too fast and instead, get him acclimatized to the idea. 

Just like the first time you introduce the idea of cum eating, employ gradual increments. At first, you can engage is small acts like kissing him after swallowing your bulls cum before graduating to cum swapping. When he is ready, you can introduce the idea of him licking your bull’s cum off your skin. 

For example, you can make your bull fuck you from behind while your partner watches. Before he cums, have him pull out and cum on your chest before feeding it to your partner using your fingers, your lips, or by having him lick it directly off your skin like on your tits or face.

When he gets comfortable with this, have him lick cum off your pussy and over time encourage him to suck it off. For added effect, you can also have him lick it off and feed it to you. It makes the experience more intimate and comfortable. 

Unless it is about humiliation for him, make it about him. If he isn’t a cuckold for the humiliation, make sure to include him in every act. Tell him how much it turns you on to see him on his knees licking you off. Tell him how wet you are by the sight of him feasting like he is hungry. 

If it is all about degradation and humiliation for him, take it a step further. Creativity doesn’t end with him licking a cream-pie off you. If your man gets turned on by degradation and humiliation, then take it further by having him clean cum off your ass, and even further by having him lick it off your bull’s condom.

Make sure your dirty talk leans towards how he must feel and promise to take it even further next time. Soon enough, you’ll have a hungry man who can’t get enough on your hands. 


Kinks and fetishes just like sexuality, are a spectrum. A lot of acts, wants, and needs lie in this spectrum. The most important things to keep in mind when introducing a new experiencing in the bedroom (Or the red room), is to keep communication open and understand each other. 

Keep in mind that you can’t go from having a cuckold partner to having a cum-eating cuckold partner in a day. You have to be patient and be willing to make adjustments in order to create a comfortable yet satisfying experience for both of you.

As long as you are persistent and patient, you’ll be making your sexual fantasies come true in no time.

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